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Dionyssomarble Company SA

Dionyssomarble Company SA

Greece Greece

Company Profile
Company Name: Dionyssomarble Company SA
Business Type: Natural Stone, Stone Service
Main Product:

Dionyssos Pentelicon White, Dionyssos Blue, Grey Semi, White, Volakas, Tinos Green

Country/Region: Greece Greece
Addr: Dionysou Avenue, Paleo Terma 145 76 Dionyssos, Athens, Greece
Established: Dec 31,1948
WebSite: http://www.dionyssomarble.gr
Company Description

The Dionyssomarble Co. S.A. company was founded by the brothers Leontios and Ioannis Argiroudis in 1949 for the commercial exploitation of the white marble deposits in Dionyssos, Attica. Since then, in addition to marble block quarrying and trading, the company has developed numerous other activities through the vertical expansion of operations in Dionyssos and the production of other related building materials.  The company has also expanded its activities through the opening and exploitation of additional marble deposits.

Pentelicon White Marble , a marble used in architecture for more than 2500 years.
Pentelicon Marble has been initially used for the creation of the temple of "Parthenon" , dedicated to the Goddess Athena , in the Acropolis of Athens ( 536 b. C. ) by Iktinos and Kalikratis , famous architects of the antiquity......
From then to recent years , Pentelicon White Marble has been used in some of the most famous monuments and architectural projects all over the world.....

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