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Marmo Design for Marble & Granite

Egypt-Cairo Img3
Exporter,Factory,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:2000
Main Product:Blocks,Slabs,Tiles,Artworks,Water-Jet,Onyx

Contact Person: Tarek Sayed

Tel: +2-027004597

Mobile Phone: +2-01276848673

Crystal For Marble & Granite

Egypt-Cairo Img3
Exporter,Factory,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1989
Main Product:Marble,Granite,Slabs,Tiles,Sunny,Granite,Galala,Sinai Pearl,Light Sinai Pearl,Melli Brown,Egy Grey,Grey,Alabaster,Triesta,Sunny Cleopatra,Dark Emparador,Crystal Bronze Marble

Contact Person: Osama Hussein

Tel: 20-1221578881

Mobile Phone: 20-1221578881

Egyptian Lebanese Co. for Marble (ELC)

Egypt-Cairo Img3
Exporter,Factory,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2007
Main Product:Egyptian Marble,Egyptian Grainte,Egyptian Limestone,Sandstone,Sunny Marble,Galala Marble

Contact Person: Khalil Daou

Tel: +2-01001886630

Mobile Phone: +2- 010 0188 66 30


Contact Person: farid fayez

Tel: +2-27005003

Mobile Phone: +2-01226038377


Contact Person: MOHAMED FARRG

Tel: 0020-1223876617

Mobile Phone: 0020-1227266665

Marmo Trading

Egypt-Cairo Img3
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:2000
Main Product:Silvia,Nova Cream,Melly Grey,Sinai Pearl,Sunny,Galala

Contact Person: Ahmed Saad

Tel: +20-01008672909

Amgaad Stone

Egypt-Cairo Img3
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:2006
Main Product:Marble,Granite,Onyx,Limestone

Contact Person: Ayman Aboudy

Tel: +2-1001351996

Mobile Phone: +2-1001351996

Stonex for Exporting Natural Stones

Egypt-Nasr city-Cairo Img3
No.of Employees:N/A People
Main Product:Alba Rosa Marble,Jerusalem Gold,Brescia Sinai Marble,Sunny Gold

Contact Person: Dr. Ahmed Mounir

Tel: 0020123592765


Contact Person: Khaled Deiab

Tel: 00201-000833112

Mobile Phone: 00201-229551859

Albadr Marble Stone Co.

Egypt-Maadi-Cairo Img3
Exporter,Factory,Quarry Owner,Other
No.of Employees:201 ~ 500 People
Year Established:1975
Main Product:Galala Beige,Sunny,Teriesta,Galala Light

Contact Person: Hany Hassan

Tel: 0020225174146

Mobile Phone: 00201003630067


Contact Person: Ahmed Sabry

Tel: +20-1001649770

Mobile Phone: +20-1000390999

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