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Contact Person: Henry Sun


Mobile Phone:0086-15859528486

Contact Person: Bin Chen


Josh Granites

India-Tamil Nadu-Chennai Img3
Exporter,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2012
Main Product:White Galaxy Granite,Red Multi Granite,Black Granite,Grey Paradiso

Contact Person: A.Devasahayam

Tel:+91 73 73 737331

Mobile Phone:7373737331

Persco Global Trade & Consultant Co.,Ltd.

Iran-Fars-Shiraz Img3
Exporter,Importer,Factory,Individual,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner

Contact Person: Mohammad Hossein Ramezani


Contact Person: Ella


Mobile Phone:+86-15230121699

Hebei Ningkai Stone Carving Co. Ltd

China-Hebei-Shijiazhuang Img3
Exporter,Factory,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1998
Main Product:Slate,Mushroom Stone,Culture Stone,Marble

Contact Person: Ida Zhao


Earthen Treasures Natural Resources Pvt ltd

India-Maharashtra-Pune Img3
Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:2012
Main Product:Granite,Laterite

Contact Person: Pankaj Bisawa


Mobile Phone:7385599999

Jai Mata di Company

India-Rajasthan-Kota Img3
Exporter,Factory,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1999
Main Product:Cobbles Stone,Slab Stone,Tumbled Stone,Key Stones

Contact Person: Ashish Vijayvargiya


Mobile Phone:+91-9983306209

Yongxin Black Stone Factory

China-Inner Mongolia-Fengzhen Img3
Factory,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:1998
Main Product:Shanxi Black,Absolute Black,Tombstone,Gravestone,Monument,Stela

Contact Person: Michael Wang


Mobile Phone:+86-13752581250

Illuminati Sandstones

India-Rajasthan-Jodhpur Img3
Exporter,Factory,Quarry Owner
Year Established:2012
Main Product:Block Stone

Contact Person: Shashank Parihar


Mobile Phone:+918875620000

PRS Granites

India-Tamil Nadu-Chennai Img3
Exporter,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Main Product:Ghibli Fantasy,Ghibli Gold,Rawsilk,Black

Contact Person: Selvakumar


Mobile Phone:9585526002

Samaneh Kansar

Iran-Tehran-Tehran Img3
Exporter,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Main Product:Marble,Travertine

Contact Person: Ali Moosavi

Tel:98 21 44030394

Mobile Phone:98 9125340669

Lamarstone (Xiamen) Limited

China-Fujian-Xiamen Img3
Exporter,Importer,Factory,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:5 ~ 50 People
Year Established:1974
Main Product:Piertra Grey Marble,Gohera Limestone,Silver Travertine,Iranian Onyxes

Contact Person: CS Lim


Mobile Phone:86-13306003717

Lingyuan Marble China

China-Liaoning-Shenyang Img3
Exporter,Importer,Factory,Individual,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:501 ~ 1000 People
Year Established:2010
Main Product:Jadeite Green,Grayish Blue,Pine Green,Dark Piney Green

Contact Person: emma


Contact Person: Kristy


Mobile Phone:86-18023350058

Contact Person: selina


Jinjiang Longxing Stone Co.,Ltd

China-Fujian-Jinjiang Img3
Exporter,Factory,Wholesaler,Quarry Owner
No.of Employees:51 ~ 200 People
Year Established:1993
Main Product:G603 Grey Granite,G635 Red Granite,G682 Yellow Granite,G654 Dark Grey Granite

Contact Person: Cathy Hong


Mobile Phone:0086-15159707787

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