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Can Cappuccino Terrazzo be used exterior applications in very sunny climates? Ask Other Questions
Cappuccino Terrazzo can be used for exterior applications in sunny climates, but you need to consider a few factors:

1. Durability: Ensure that the terrazzo is designed and installed to withstand the specific climate conditions, including high temperatures, UV exposure, and potential weathering from rain or wind. Using high-quality materials and good installation practices will help improve its durability.

2. Color Stability: In very sunny climates, the color of terrazzo may fade over time due to UV exposure. To mitigate this, choose a high-quality sealer or coating specifically designed to protect the terrazzo from UV damage.

3. Heat Retention: Terrazzo can absorb and retain heat from the sun, making it uncomfortable to walk on barefoot in extremely hot climates. Consider using shading or installing the terrazzo in areas that are not directly exposed to the sun for extended periods.

Overall, with proper considerations and maintenance, Cappuccino Terrazzo can be used in exterior applications in very sunny climates. Consult with a professional terrazzo installer for specific recommendations and best practices in your location.
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