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  • Buy Maan Stone from Jordan

    Request Supplier Location: Jordan

    Sir, We are looking for MAANSTONE from Jordan in size of 600 x 600 x 30mm, honed finish. qty. 

    500 sqm please send proposal as C & F Bahrain price by sea or Road with other trade terms 


    Bahrain-Bahrain-Manama Jul 21,2019
  • Buy Used Stone Machines for Cutting, Polishing

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,India,Iran,Italy,Brazil,Spain,China,Mexico,Turkey,Egypt,United States,Viet Nam,Greece
    I’m looking for used equipment for granite. A multiwire saw machine and a polisher.
    Mexico-Guerrero-Acapulco Jul 20,2019
  • Buy Engineered Quartz Kitchen and Bath Counter top

    Request Supplier Location: Mexico

    Looking for Engineered quartz kitchen and bath counter tops. Hotel and apartment remodel 3,500 room

    ** Must be Mexico manufacturer

    Mexico Jul 20,2019
  • Buy Marble Tiles, Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    We are presently looking for stock offers and materials (slabs/ tiles) of any sizes and thickness for African market at lowest possible prices of: 
    1) Granite. 
    2) Marble. 
    3) Onyx. 
    4) Travertine. 
    5) Sandstone.
    6) Slatestone.
    7) Ceramics.
    8) Porcelain.
    Size: Any sizes (any length, width and thickness).
    Quantity: Any quantity.
    Payment will be full account transfer before shipment loading. Send us your best offer for clearance of all your stocks. 
    This is a golden opportunity for stock clearance and making sleeping money cash for your dead stock.
    We would like to invite you to send your product offer to us by email along with the Company profile for our further evaluation and study.
    Thanks and Regards

    India Jul 20,2019
  • Buy Beige Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    Dear Sirs, We are looking for 10 000m2 of marble tiles 60x60x2cm. Color must be light beige or light creme without veins or colour variations. 

    Please send price and photos to my email.

    Russian-Kaliningrad Jul 20,2019
  • Buy Volakas Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Greece,Italy
    We seek white volakas marble for various projects in Dubai.
    UAE Jul 20,2019
  • Buy Azul Bahia Granite Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Portugal,Italy,Spain,United Kingdom,France
    Azul Bahia for Nice, South of France
    1. Kitchen Island worksurface 2m x 1.2m (with 60cm2 hob cutout)
    2. Worksurface 60cm x 6 m (with double sink cut out)
    3. Slab to be mounted on wall 2m x 1.2m
    4. 20m2 floor tiles
    All approx figures for quote please.
    UK Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Katni Pink Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: India
    I am looking for Katni Pink Marble Slabs.
    India-Rajasthan-Jodhpur Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Bleu de Vix Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: United Kingdom,France
    I want to buy Bleu de Vix 5 sq m 40x40cm.
    UK Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Forest Green Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: India
    I am looking for Forest Green Marble Slabs .
    India-Rajasthan-Jodhpur Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Europa Creme Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I am looking for Europa creme limestone .
    Australia Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Ganite Polishing Machine

    Request Supplier Location: China
    we need granite automatic polishing machine from SHUINAN - FUJIAN PROVINCE. model- SNLZM-12C
    India Jul 19,2019
  • Buy Halila Limestone

    Request Supplier Location: Palestine,Israel,Jordan,United States
    I want to buy pale Halila limestone
    USA Jul 18,2019
  • Buy White Limestone Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Looking for white limestone, 12"x 24"x 4" pieces. Need 4000 square feet.
    Canada-Dundas Jul 18,2019
  • Buy Daina Royal Marble Blocks from Turkey

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey
    I’m in need of Daina Royal Marbles 200 tonnes. I’m planning to visit Turkey next week. So if you could please let me know if this block is available, so I can come and visit your quarry and see the block, is it is available. It would be great if you could send me the price and the contact detail of the person who handles your export so I could get in touch with him .
    India Jul 18,2019
  • Buy Snow Ray Light Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I need SNOW RAY LIGHT MARBLE Honed and Polished tiles size: 2x30x60cm and 2x60x60cm.
    Turkey-Ankara Jul 18,2019
  • Buy Decorative Stones

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I need 750 sqm Decorative Stones, new Smoke Masari 1 Petra Anitiqua. Please Kindly send your offer as a CNF İzmir Port.
    Turkey-Ankara Jul 18,2019
  • Buy Algonquin Grey Granite

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hello, I am enquiring one of your stones the Algonquin Grey Granite. Could you please send us a sample of this in a flamed finish, maximum size 200 x 200mm in to keep the package size small.
    UK-London Jul 17,2019
  • Buy Olive Grey Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: Turkey

    We are looking for 1100 sqm of olive grey marble. Please contact me if you have blocks or slabs in stock only. 

    No agents or time wasters.

     Job in hand purchase within 2 weeks..

    UAE Jul 16,2019
  • Buy Guna Black Granite Slabs, Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Guna Black Granite. I am interested in blocks and slabs.
    Poland Jul 16,2019
  • Buy Granite Step Stone

    Request Supplier Location: South Korea,Viet Nam
    Korea Jul 16,2019
  • Buy White Rino Marble Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Require one cointainer of White Rino Marble Blocks first quality from Namibia.
    India-Maharashtra-Mumbai Jul 16,2019
  • Buy Super White Travertine

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Super White Travertine. I have requirement of cut to size, straight veins Super White Travertine.
    India Jul 16,2019
  • Buy French Creek Granite Blocks

    Request Supplier Location: United States

    I run a monument company in Lancaster, PA and have a hardscape order for French Creek granite, known as PA granite outside of PA. 

     I need two and three inch polished stock for a customer who wants to make three benches. 

     My supplier in Lancaster, Penn Stone, does not carry it. 

    Please refer me to a supplier nearest Lancaster, PA I will pick it up.

    USA Jul 16,2019
  • Buy Quartz Kitchen Countertops

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries

    We are look for prefabricated kitchen quartz countertops import to USA. Please contact us if you have . 


    USA-Las Vegas Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Connemara White Marble Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    I want to buy Connemara White Marble Please send slab size information
    USA Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Classic Travertine Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Travertine Classic C/C brush no filled. Size:
    2000*300*40 mm. 
    2000*150*40 mm. 
    1000*150*40 mm. 
    Total 5 500 m2.
    Price EXW

    Russian Jul 15,2019
  • Buy India Soapstone Boulder

    Request Supplier Location: India
    Looking for 12 kg block green India soapstone, no cracks
    USA Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Tan Brown Granite Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Tan Brown 300x600x20mm granite required.
    Russian Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Granite Gabbro Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    dear sirs, we are looking for granite Gabbro slabs , quantity 490m2, 400*250*60mm, all sides cut, top flamed, DIN EN1341, tolerance -+1mm,
    Lithuania-Klaipeda Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Sukabumi Green Stone Pool Pavers

    Request Supplier Location: Indonesia,China,United States

    I wish to buy Sukabumi Green Stone tile for a pool. It is for shipment to the Bahamas so possibly best ordered through the States? 

    need 600 square feet of tile firstly, is there a company that can provide this? secondly, estimate price please! thirdly, any advice on pool edge options gratefully received. 


    Bahamas Jul 15,2019
  • Buy Absolute Black Basalt Monument Slabs

    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Hi ,
    I am so interested in your Absolute Black Basalt Slabs-Black and Darker.
    Please give me the following size FOB PORT PRICE.

    USA-Iowa Jul 15,2019
  • Buy prefabricated kitchen quartz countertops

    Request Supplier Location: Australia,Brazil,Canada,Turkey,Egypt,France,Viet Nam,Germany,Greece

    I’m looking for prefabricated kitchen quartz countertops. 

    Crystal white and crystal grey. Pure white . Calacatta. And so on

    USA-Las Vegas Jul 14,2019
  • Buy Jura Grey Limestone

    [The offer has expired]
    Request Supplier Location: All Countries
    Good morning, 
    I would like to ask you for the price offer for Jura grey:
    Quantity 7000m2, format 597x597x20mm, surface honed, cut edges + 1mm beveled
    We need to know as well:
    •  The unit price for the m2 (have to be final price with no additional fees as packing, manipulation, ... )
    • Validity for your price 
    • Payment conditions
    • Indicative production time for the supply 
    • FOB condition or Ex Work condition (correct address)
    • Pictures of available blocks/slabs with the available/common sizes
    •  certificate of Jura Grey
    We will appreciate getting your price offer until Wednesday, 17th July 2019
    Slovakia-Cadca Jul 14,2019
  • Buy New Spring Cloud Marble Tiles

    Request Supplier Location: United States
    Need 150 to 200 sf of New Spring Cloud polished marble (limestone) 12" x 12" tiles; TSPCLOUD 1212P from the Philippines
    USA Jul 14,2019
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