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I want to carving Turkey Light Green Onyx with CNC milling tools with diamater 0,8mm-2mm, what do yo recommend? Ask Other Questions
If you want to carve Turkey Light Green Onyx using CNC milling tools with a diameter of 0.8mm to 2mm, I would recommend using hard, durable, and long-lasting tools that are specifically designed for stone carving.

Here are a few options to consider:

1. Solid Carbide End Mills: These are widely used for CNC milling and are available in various sizes, including 0.8mm to 2mm diameters. They offer excellent hardness and durability.

2. Diamond Coated Tools: Diamond-coated end mills or ball-nose cutters are specifically designed for stone carving. They provide exceptional cutting efficiency and are known for their ability to withstand the hardness of stones like onyx.

3. Router Bits: Choose CNC router bits designed for stone carving, preferably with diamond or carbide tips. These bits are available in various profiles and sizes, allowing you to achieve different carving styles and levels of detail.

Remember to ensure that the tools you choose are compatible with your CNC machine and have the appropriate shank size for your machines collet.

Additionally, its always a good practice to start with larger tools, gradually reducing the size, especially when carving delicate details. This approach helps maintain the integrity of the tool and minimizes the risk of breakage.

Its advisable to consult with a supplier or manufacturer specializing in stone carving tools to get specific recommendations tailored to your project and requirements.
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