Gold Dominican Coral Stone Tile, Coralina Gold Coral Stone Wall Tiles

Gold Dominican Coral Stone Tile, Coralina Gold Coral Stone Wall Tiles
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Type: Coral Stone

Color: Beige

Material Origin: Dominican Republic

Surface Finishing: Polished

Shipment Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T


Welcome to the Coral and Shell Stone division of DM Decos by Design. We know that you have a choice in who you do business with and, if you are a current customer, we appreciate your business. If you aren't yet a customer, we will do everything in our power to make doing business with DM Decos the only and obvious choice.
We are not an average company nor do we supply average stone. You have endless choices to purchase mediocre natural stone on the Internet and in tile stores. DM Decos, however, is the obvious choice in superiority. You no longer need to make a "choice" between sub-quality or fabricated stone or high-priced alternatives. Now, you have DM Decos. 

DM Decos lets you experience nature's inspiration in its purest physical form both in the materials we offer and the services that bring those materials to life. Our coral and shell stone is a contemporary way for you to create a seamless space of earthly paradise both in indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by heaven, our coral and shell stone features unparalleled textures, colors, and organic themes with swirls and swarms of ancient flora and fauna. Take yourself or a client on a journey of self-expression and connect to billions of years of this earth's history and geological record. 

DM Decos is a lifestyle company and coral and shell stone is a lifestyle product. Inspired materials and inspired design expresses an inspired life. Our coral and shell stone transcends limits and creates the most inviting atmospheres possible. An antidote to the throw-away society, coral and shell stone exudes a sense of quality and permanence, at the same time that it transforms buildings and homes into Museums of Fossil Art. No man-made substitute can create such a meaningfully unique "flavor" or connection. 
In a Nutshell, DM Decos has…
• the best quarries and delivery systems/first premium quality every time
• highly competitive price points
• the greatest expertise
• excellent customer service
• fantastic capabilities and capacity for large projects
• customization 
• innovative, differentiable, and exclusive products
• superior turn-around times
• engagement and involvement with the communities in which it operates
• global resources

The Benefits of Natural Stone

• Responsible use of nature's resources
• Exceptional longevity
• Good stewardship
• Minimal carbon footprint—forefront of trend towards green and sustainable building
• Timeless quality – suitability to so many types of architecture
Coral Stone Collection – Classico Blanc and Classico Duorado (Also Known as Coralina, Coraline, Coral Shell Stone, Coral Limestone, or Calypso Coral)

Coral stone is the ideal material for any type of interior or exterior application. All lines in the DM Decos' Coral Stone Collection are filled with fossil formations that include many types of brain or fan coral giving each tile a unique look and feel. Classico Blanc, Classico Duorado, and Classico Rosso come from the best quarries in the Dominican Republic, quarries which contain only the most compact, durable, and high-density coral in the world. Unlike keystone coral, this stone can stand up under the harshest of conditions and does not retain heat or get hot in even the highest temperature conditions.

DM Decos by Design, Inc.

United States-Florida-West Palm Beach Image1

Business Type: Wholesaler,Contractor,Importer,Exporter

Establishment Date:Dec 31,2006

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Coquina Shellstone, Marbella Shellstone, Ticul Dorada, Pool Coping

Contact Person:David S. Morganstein



Addr:865 Imperial Lake Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33413

Website:Supplier Website

DM Decos by Design, Inc. was founded in 2007 as a result of a Passion for Excellence, a desire to bring back tile as an art form and, above all, the belief that it is our patriotic duty to bring manufacturing back to the United States and to disseminate and export the brilliant craftsmanship, art and photography of our artisans throughout the United States and the world. We are an upwardly-mobile company with an exclusive, innovative and fully customizable luxury tile line. DM Decos by Design uses Green Technology and the finest manufacturing techniques to consistently create custom and handcrafted tile which transforms backsplashes and your entire home into a work of art. Our tile tingles all of your senses with vibrant and fun colors, attention to even the smallest details, high relief and texture and unique and exclusive designs for all of your home design needs.
David S. Morganstein, the founder of DM Decos by Design, Inc., understood that there was an underutilization of American talent in the tile world and that wall tile, floor tile, backsplash tile, pool tile and decorative tile represented the absolute best medium with which to demonstrate America’s status as a leader and innovator in sculpture, art and photography. By collaborating with artisans throughout the United States, DM Decos could give a practical and functional use to art forms which have generally been exclusively aesthetic in nature. By synthesizing classic designs with modern sensibilities, maximizing the use of backsplashes and decorative tiles as focal points instead of afterthoughts and by offering customization, DM Decos by Design represents an evolutionary triumph over “ordinary” tile. We are outside-the-box thinkers who see innovation as a daily endeavor and who only want one thing—to provide you with the absolute best handmade and handcrafted tile and home goods.


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Buyers' Request

Need price per meter of 12x24x3/4 inch coral stone natural no holes. Thanks
I am looking for Gold Dominican Coral Stone Tile, Coralina Gold Coral Stone Limestone. indoor polished 24x24 1100 sq. ft. price please
I am looking for Gold Dominican Coral Stone Tile, Coralina Gold Coral Stone Limestone. indoor polished 24x24 1100 sq. ft. price please
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