Catcastle Sandstone - Catcastle Buff Sandstone Pineapple Surface Wall

Catcastle Sandstone - Catcastle Buff Sandstone Pineapple Surface Wall
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Type: Sandstone

Color: Brown

Material Origin: United Kingdom


Catcastle Buff Specification
The stone has been quarried in the Barnard Castle area since before the turn of the century. There are old quarries nearby which were owned by the railways and which provided stone for many of the railway bridges north of York. This particular quarry was closed in 1914 and reopened in 1977. The stone is marketed as Cat Castle Grey and Cat Castle Buff. There are good reserves of stone. The stone is extracted from a 4.5m face beneath 2m of overburden. There is thought to be further stone below the present floor of the quarry. The stone is available at various depths on bed and large blocks are obtainable.
Cat Castle is from the Coal Measures of Carboniferous age. It is an attractive coarse to very coarse grained stone, creamy buff in colour with darker specks though some blocks are grey in colour.
Expected Durability and Performance 
It is important that the results from the individual tests are not viewed in isolation. They should be considered together and compared to the performance of the stone in existing buildings and other uses. Sandstone from the Coal Measures have been used extensively in many towns and cities in the UK. Cat Castle has a long history of use for buildings and civil engineering projects. Cat Castle sandstone appears to be a durable stone that is not effected by acid rain or air pollution. The weight loss in the sodium sulphate crystallisation test indicates resistance to salt damage but the high weight loss in the harsher saturated sodium sulphate test indicates susceptibility to salt damage in harsh environments (for example in coastal locations or from de-icing salts). Previous tests using the saturated sodium sulphate crystallisation test indicate that some caution is needed if the stone is to be exposed to a very harsh environment for a long period. In the frost test there is a slight loss in flexural strength with the Buff. However, the stones traditional use in the north of England and Scotland, including harbour walls, indicates good performance. The compressive and flexural strength of the stone is towards the lower end of the range for sandstone but is similar to some of the stronger limestones.
Overall, Dunhouse Buff should be suitable for use in most aspects of construction including load bearing masonry and cladding but special consideration may be required where extreme conditions are likely to be encountered.
Test Results – Catcastle – Buff
Safety in Use
Slip Resistance (Note 1)
Wet Values > 40 are considered safe.
Abrasion Resistance (Note 1)
Not Tested
Values <23.0 are considered suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas
Strength under load
1) Compression(Note 2)
115.5 MPa
(94 – 115 Mpa range)
Loaded perpendicular to the bedding plane ambient humidity
2) Bending (Note 1)
6.7 MPa
Loaded perpendicular to the bedding plane ambient humidity
Not Tested
Loaded perpendicular to the bedding plane ambient humidity
Porosity and Water Absorption
1) Porosity (Note 3)
(10.1 – 11.8 range)
2) Saturation Coefficient (Note 3)
(0.6 – 0.68 range)
3) Water Absorption
2.6 % (by wt)
(2.6 – 4.3 range)
4) Bulk specific gravity
(2350 – 2386 range)
Resistance to Frost 
Flexural strength after Freeze/Thaw Test (Note 1)
5.2 MPa
Loaded perpendicular to the bedding plane ambient humidity
Resistance to Salt
Sodium Sulphate Crystallisation Test (Note 3)
-0.95% Mean wt loss
Sodium Sulphate Crystallisation Test (Note 14) (saturated)
Mean: 82% wt loss
Resistance to Acidity
Acid Immersion Test(Note 4)
(Test methods Note 1 = prEn1341, Note 2 = prEn 1342, Note 3 = prEn 1341 /BRE 141, Note 4 = BRE 141)

Dunedin Stone

United Kingdom-Scotland-Edinburgh

Business Type: Contractor,Factory,Wholesaler,Importer

Establishment Date:Dec 31,1989

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Sandstone, Limestone, Masonry, Building Ornaments

Contact Person:Dunedin Stone

Phone:44-1875 613075

Fax:44-1875 615236

Addr:3 Lower London Road Edinburgh EH7 5TL Scotland UK

Website:Supplier Website

Dunedin Stone was formed in 1990 with the vision of supplying Natural Stone for both commercial and residential developments.
We are passionate about Stone and consider your project as our own. Therefore early consultation regarding every detail is paramount to achieving a smooth production run of your order.
Our factory and stock yard are situated at Macmerry Industrial Estate directly on the main A1 Edinburgh London trunk road in East Lothian.  This location allows easy access to all the major road networks throughout Scotland and the UK.
We welcome Architects, specifiers and clients to our factory to choose from our considerable range of Natural Sandstone.  We mainly source our stone from various quarries throughout the UK but on occasions have sourced stone from all over the world to meet our clients individual requirements.
Whether only a few steps, cills or quoins for a local builder, a complete new build project to the restoration of historic buildings all our customers are valued equally.
Our highly skilled team of Masons have many years experience in the hand dressing of stone, Broaching and Droving to Moulded Cornice work, Ballusters, Lettering and intricate Carving.  All are produced in our purpose built factory


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