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River Stone Sink Producer - Bathroom Sink - We Produce River Stone Sinks - Rock Sinks
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Type: Basalt

Color: Brown

Material Origin: Indonesia

Shipment Terms: FOB,Others

Payment Terms: T/T,Other


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Lavabo Batu Cut

Natural River Stone sinks are the most extraordinary and unique among all our collection. Each one has different shape, size & shade. Mother Nature made them – we only perfected them with special care and carefulness. Even though we manufacture it in Indonesia all quality standards e.g. CE, are supported.

Lavabo Batu Cut

  • Manufactured by Lux4home™

  • Materials Natural River Stone

  • Dimensions 43-50 cm; 18-20 cm

  • Designer Lux4home™

  • Category Stone Sinks

  • Style Nature

Lavabo Batu Cut is produced end exported to Europe, USA & Canada. It is the highest quality always! Made of natural river stone, it is drained and polished inside. unlike Lavabo Batu Kali the very top of sink is cut and polished. Our very best craftsmen spend long hours to bring then lightest shine of it. We never use any glue or putty. Only natural stone is used. It is made of one piece of stone always. Generally we make it 43-50 cm or 18-20 cm but it can also be produced any size you want so that it replies to your most refined clients. This luxury wash basin has irregular shape and manually polished inside. However the outside remains unchanged just us it was created by nature. Each single sink is unique and differs from others, thanks to structure of stone, mineral incursions and veins but most of all thanks to plant & animal fossil prints that often appears on it.

This natural piece of art is often to be seen in high standard hotels, restaurants or even spas. nevertheless it is often used in residential interiors. As we produce it for almost all over the world, all required drain hole sizes are available. Also we found it very important to polish drain hole inside as well. Thanks to that it does not absorb water at all. We also take special care to provide the right thickness of its side walls. It is never less than 3 cm. Thanks to that it is solid and unbreakable.



Business Type: Wholesaler,Individual,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:Oct 22,2008

No. of Total Employees:501 ~ 1000

Main Products:Stone Sink, Pebble Tile, Wall Cladding, Mosaic, Wash Basin, Bathtub

Contact Person:Monika Czerwon



Addr:Perum Dalung Permai, Blok OO/No 88. Dalung, Badung-Bali Indonesia

Website:Supplier Website

Authentication:CE Certification

CE Marking information Quality Service Reliability

Lux4home™ - We can produce what you need...

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+ Buy directly from factory - no brokers involved
+ No demages or low quality products thatks to quality controls
+ Best sellers and unique desigs the you wil sale with ease

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For our Natural Stone Sinks Indonesia the most important feature is that they have a natural polish. This allows for the stone to absorb less water. We ensure that our stone sinks do not have holes or cracks. We also choose the sinks with appropriate edge thickness in order to guarantee long user life.

Our stones come with a 3 year warranty. You can have your company Logo put on sinks made by us. In addition, we probably offer the most extensive selection of models of sinks which we are sure, will satisfy you and your customers. We can also provide certificates of quality for our sinks.


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