Yellow Orgone Retangle Pendant, Orgonite Onyx Healing Pendant

Yellow Orgone Retangle Pendant, Orgonite Onyx Healing Pendant
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Type: Others

Color: Yellow

Material Origin: India

Supply Ability:10000 pieces/month


Min. Order: 100 (Pieces)

Delivery Detail: 2-3 days if ready and 7 days on order

Shipment Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T


Yellow Orgone Retangle Pendant

Pendants are great if you prefer to get orgonite on you most of the time. If you don’t wish people investigating, you will be able to always wear it underneath your dressing.Yellow Orgone Retangle Pendant

All pendant have a quartz crystal inside, although not always visible.

The shade of yellow decides the significance. Immaculate, brilliant and sunny yellow is the easiest colour to see. Individuals who are ignorant concerning different hues can normally see yellow. Yellow is brimming with innovative and savvy vitality. Continuously utilize yellow note cushions.

Yellow symbolizes astuteness. Yellow means euphoria and bliss. Individuals of high keenness support yellow. Yellow daffodils are an image of solitary affection. Sunday’s shading is yellow-gold.

Yellow Energy:-

Like the vitality of a brilliant sunny day, yellow brings clarity and mindfulness. The shade of yellow decides its impact: Yellow-green can mean trickery, and makes a confused feeling. Orange-yellow confers a feeling of foundation. Clean light yellow passes the psyche, making it dynamic and alarm.

Put some yellow in your life when you need:

  • clarity for choice making
  • help from ‘burnout’, alarm, apprehension, weariness
  • more honed memory and fixation abilities
  • insurance from torpidity and sorrow amid dull climate

Yellow pearl stone properties:-

Convey or wear yellow gemstones to elevate the capacity to communicate. They are incredible stones for authors and open speakers to expand expressiveness. The yellow stones fortify development and mental mindfulness. They are utilized to upgrade choice making abilities.

Facts about Orgone:-

Orgone energy was Wilhelm Reich’s term for the Force a ubiquitous, “life positive” vitality he claimed to have found in 1939. Reich regularly utilized ‘orgone vitality’ as a catch-all to clarify each characteristic marvel for which there was no customary clarification (or for which Reich did not know there existed an ordinary clarification), as a sort of a God of the holes. Those couple of properties of orgone vitality Reich did spell out as clear included:

  • Orgone is pulled in by natural substances
  • Orgone is pulled in, however then promptly re-transmitted, by metallic substances
  • Earth has an orgone vitality field that streams west-to-east quicker than the Earth turns, with the exception of when a tempest is approaching and the stream switches its course

Agate Stone Export


Business Type: Factory,Wholesaler,Exporter

Establishment Date:Jan 01,2001

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Gemstone Arrowheads, Gemstone Bracelets, Gemstone Balls/Spheres, Gemstone Pyramids, Orgonite Pyramids, Gemstone Healing Wands

Contact Person:Riyaz Sheikh


Addr:kathitodu near lal darwaja road

Website:Supplier Website

Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier of ANGELS, ARROWHEADS, BALLS / SPHERES / EGGS, BRACELETS / BANDS, CHAKRA PENDANTS, ENERGY GENERATORS TOOLS, HEALING CRYSTAL, HEALING STICKS /WANDS, JAP MALA, MASSAGE WANDS, MERKABA STARS, OBELISKS / POINTS / TOWERS, ORGONE ENERGY PRODUCTS, PENCIL POINT, PENDULUMS, PUB HEARTS, PYRAMIDS, RUNE SETS / TUMBLE STONE, SHIVA LINGUMS / EYES, TIBETAN / HAND CRAFTED ITEM,Worry stones For over 200 years, Agate Stone has remained one of the most trusted names in Agates & Crystals in Khambhat India. We have a long tradition of healing stone, Agate Stone had a desire and vision to create a healing stones trading company built on honesty, integrity, quality and personal service. Today, we are still very proud to honor our vision and tradition of excellence. Agate Stone is Khambhat’s only 4th generation family-owned and operated business. We are committed to providing superior value and service to our customers. At Agate Stone Export, natural agate is much more than our profession – it is our passion. From our knowledgeable personal service, to our outstanding selection of natural agate.


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