Charoit Blue Stone Blocks

Charoit Blue Stone Blocks
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Type: Others

Color: Lilac



Material Origin: Russian Federation

Supply Ability:3

Min. Order: 0.1 (Tons)

Delivery Detail: EhW Irkutsk. Payment 50-50 with receipt in Urumсhi

Shipment Terms: Others


Charoit — a mineral of piroksenovy group of a subclass of chained silicates and the rock of the same name (sometimes breed with charoity is called charoitity).
Along with silicon oxides of aluminum, barium, sodium and strontium are a part of a charoit.
Coloring of a stone is defined generally by manganese impurity. It varies from brown and gentle-lilac to densely - violet with smooth transitions from light shades to almost black tones of violet color.
When polishing a charoit its fine-fibered structure which gives the beautiful poured pattern consisting from thin a streak of various shades well comes to light. Sometimes long veins as a part of a charoit as if run up from one center, forming beautiful structures. There are stones with effect of "a cat's eye". For unique lines and rich scale of coloring charoit call "a lilac miracle of Siberia" and consider as time the opaque double of amethyst. Jewelry for representatives of elite of business and art is made of a charoit. Charoit — a rare stone in the international market of jewels therefore it is highly appreciated very much.
Gloss — silky, glass. Hardness — 6,0 - 7,0; density — 2,5 - 2,7 g/cm3.
Fields of a stone of a charoit. Charoit – primordially Russian stone. The only field of a charoit in the world is on a joint of Yakutia and the Irkutsk region, near the Baikal-Amur Highway, in the valley of the Chara River. For the first time blocks with violet minerals were found by the geologist W. G. Dietmar in 1948, when carrying out geological shooting, and conditionally called them kumingtonitovy slate. The field was found in the 1960th year. In the early seventies complex research of a field began. The field opened by the Soviet geologists is unique: in the world aren't found not only commercial deposits of such breeds, but also the deposits containing single grains of a charoit aren't found.
The field settles down in northwest part of the Aldan board, on the southern termination of the Udzhino-Vilyuysky paleorift. The total area of alkaline breeds makes about 150 and includes Bolshemurunsky, Malomurunsky and Dogaldynsky massifs. The territory in which there are sites of a charoitovy mineralization, is dated for a southwest wing of the Malomurunsky massif. The last has the area about 20 and represents the stratified intrusion which main body settles down along border of a platform cover and a Precambrian socle. The age of breeds makes 145 — 125 million years.
The origin the charoitovykh of breeds in many respects isn't clear. They are connected with karbonatitovy alkaline fusions and are perhaps formed as a result of metasomatic replacement of the containing thicknesses. Other researchers assume a magmatic origin of a field.
Application of a charoit. Charoit easily it is polished and very well looks in jewelry. Therefore it is widely applied at production of inserts in rings, a beads and other inexpensive jewelry. Nevertheless, charoit I didn't win the world popularity. Stirs a wide circulation of a charoit the limit set by the Government of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia on production of a stone of 100 tons per year is the compulsory measure protecting from a fast issyakaniye of a field. Statistics counted that no more than 0,0016 g of a charoit are the share of one inhabitant of Earth. For this reason charoit from year to year uncontrollably grows in the price and it becomes more and more rare. For jewelers all the same welcome guest, after all charoit his natural decorative qualities, durability and ease in processing and polishing allow to use a mineral in any kinds of jewelry – rings, pendents, necklaces, earrings, cuff links … Lilac-violet iridescent color of a stone will approach any shade of skin and any color of eyes and hair, for jewelry from a charoit there are no age or social restrictions. Especially as there are more than 100 kinds of semi-precious stone, various on drawing and color. It is actively used charoit and for creation of subjects of a decor – caskets, vases, hours, figurines, candelabrums. Thanks to the widest color scale, charoit often enters the mosaic panels executed in equipment of a bulk or Florentine mosaic.

Charoit – not only ornament or decorative accent in an interior. Charoit Possesses impressive medicinal and magic properties.


Russian Federation-Yekaterinburg

Business Type: Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 29,2000

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Granite Tile, Granite Blocks, Marble, Paving Stone, Countertops

Contact Person:iLLias Muzafarov



Addr:г.Екатеринбург, ул. Р. Люксембург 62б, оф 202

Website:Supplier Website

Если еще несколько лет назад не каждый мог позволить себе купить изделия из натурального камня, это теперь больше не проблема.
Какие изделия из натурального камня у нас можно купить?
· Брусчатка. Можно купить городских советов для прокладки улиц в центре города или только на тротуарах, но частный сектор покупает его успешно для благоустройства своих дворов. Он также незаменим для создания ландшафтного дизайна.
· Облицовочные плиты гранитные. Идеально подходит для облицовки здания плинтуса. Такие доски изготавливаются по строгим размерам, прост в установке и не требуют дополнительной обработки. Благодаря монолитной конструкции, швы между плитками легко для того чтобы загерметизировать и имеют отличные изоляционные покрытия.
· Для практичности и интерьер дизайн интерьера мы рекомендуем купить натуральный камень для ступеней и подоконников. Такие изделия изготавливаются на заказ, покупатель самостоятельно предоставляет нам необходимые размеры ступенек и подоконников, и мы делаем отрезать блоки с дополнительной полировки готовой монолитной плите.
· Бордюры Гранитные. Это исключительно декоративный материал идеально подходит для ландшафтного сада.
Почему изделия из натурального камня стоит покупать именно у нас?


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Hello, I would like to know about raw material Charoite top quality without cracks, no cracked stones, AAA Grade - premium quality dark purple color. I need for jewelery making. I need to know the price, the minimum quantity and the shipping cost. Rough stones 10x10 cm. Thank you, best regards
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