Bk. Pannon Travertino White Blocks

Bk. Pannon Travertino White Blocks
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Expiry Date: Until Sep 19,2018

Type: Travertine

Color: White


Budakalasz Travertine White

Material Origin: Hungary

Supply Ability:20 000 m3 / year

Port:Hungary Budakalász

Min. Order: 24 (Tons)

Shipment Terms: Others

Payment Terms: Other


Here are three types of blocks.

Class I. 

Budakalász Quarry is located in the Greater Budapest Area. We exploit limestone at the city of Budakalász.

We Have satified all over the world from France to Japan. Our purpose is to enter new markets in Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as North America, Middle East and Asia.

Our technology is fully complies with the indusrty standards of the European Union. Mayerstones products are highly acknowledged and appreciated every year in exhibitions from Verona, Italy to Budapest, Hungary. 

We are committed to strict process and cost management, therefore, our price level is very competitive in the region. Our qualified sales team is ready to satisfy individual requirements by offering free consultation on architecture, decoration, accessory and preservation issues.   


Hungary-Üröm Image1

Business Type: Quarry Owner,Other,Factory,Exporter

Establishment Date:Dec 30,2000

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Travertine Block, Limestone, Culture Stone, Wall Tiles, Sandstone, Mediterran Stone

Contact Person:Mayer Ferenc



Addr:Kőbányai utca 16.Üröm 2096 Pest Hungary

Website:Supplier Website

Our pavings are quarried in our own delphs. In our Ezüsthegy Delph quartz-sandstone, in our Budakalászi Delph limestone and in our Üröm Delph calcaerous marls are quarried. All three mine pits are our own properties. The whole production process is carried out int he delphs, from the first steps to the finishing touches.

Üröm Delph
Calcaerous mud and clay mud used to be formed int he sea at the same time due to the special climatic circumstances. This process created the so called Buda Marl. When this rock gets moisture it turns to be an aquitard, however it is advisable to impregnate against wogs and due to easier cleaning. The colour of the rock is determinated by the ratio of two and three valance iron elements.

Ezüsthegy Delph
The Ezüsthegy sandstone was formed  in a sea environment in the Oligocene. It has a rusty, silvery, somewhere white into dark yellowish colour. It is built up from small pebbles alone. Int he old times millstones and whetstones were produced from this sandstone. Its’ processing is still made by hand: it is still split and carved by hand. Due to its high quartz content the mechanized processing of this rock is very costly. Plinths of churches, villas, mansions, several femces and buttresses and later whole public facilities, facades and institute buildings were built from this stone. The buildings recently built from the quartz-sandstone evoke the historical times.

Budakalász Delph
The limestone was formed in a relatively long and narrow freshwater lake during the Pleistocene ice age. From the relatively high pressure waters of the lukewarm springs effusing to the surface calcium carbonate precipitated due to the loss of pressure. A rich vegeatation occured in these waters. The plants extracted the rest of the CO2 from the waters. The calcium-carbonate precipitated ont he brenches and leaves of the plants, but this exterminated the vegetation int he lake. The soft parts of the plants decayed and the space left after the plants are very typical int he fresh water limestones (also called traverintes). Its’ colour can be white, yellow, brown and red.


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