Oshima Ishi Granite Stone Japanese Style Monuments

Oshima Ishi Granite Stone Japanese Style Monuments
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Type: Granite

Color: Grey


Oshima Ishi

Material Origin: Japan


Iyo's inscription stone "Oshima stone" which is popular mainly in West Japan.

Mine was mined in the northern mountainous region of the island of Oshima of Imabari City in Ehime prefecture,

Its stone is extremely hard and it is famous as a tombstone with excellent durability

Sekizai Nojima


Business Type: Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 31,2000

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Granite, Monuments

Contact Person:Takashi Nojima


Addr:〒652-0816 Hyogo Prefecture Kobe City Hyogo Ward 2-chome Nagasawa-machi No. 1 21

Website:Supplier Website

I, the first stone corporation, which Takashi Nohjima is representative,
In the year of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, inaugurated in Kobe City in 1955 (Heisei 7)
Until today, with the motto "to express our heart"
We have continued to make graves that resonate with the customer's sensitivity.
In a unique form excluding all sales acts such as telephone sales and visiting sales,
In Kobe city, it became one of the stone shops that we are making the most graves,
We always disclose all the information on our belief that "being honest with customers"
It is the result that has passed through the glass-based management, and against our company's technical capabilities and services,
We pridefully believe that we have received high evaluation from consumers.
In the field of "design tombstones" our company is proud of, along with domestically produced luxury tombstones,
It has received high praise from inside and outside the industry, and is now on sale at famous bookstores nationwide,
"Design Tombstone Picture Inside II", "Beautiful Grave", our company's design tombstone,
More than 50 copies were posted, special feature collections at the end of the report were also received, and many comments were posted.
Furthermore, together with Moriwa of Ibaraki Prefecture and Okazaki of Aichi Prefecture, it is one of the three major stone processing places in Japan,
It is held every year at Shikoku, Kagawa prefecture · Takamatsu city "Anji" · Mure (Muri)
We won "Takamatsu-shi Mayor" in 2008 in "Anji Stone Fair".
To be "honest with customers" always aimed at by us.
As a child, taught from parents "Do not tell me!"
As a rule of society, what is supposed to be quite natural,
How much is practiced in the tombstone industry?
However, although it becomes an excuse, this is nothing limited to the tombstone industry,
As you know in the news reports and other reports, the earthquake disaster case of the apartment,
Tampering of expiration dates by major food manufacturers and old-fashioned restaurants, accident rice,
Disguised meat, ingredient camouflage at hotel and restaurant, pension record problem,
It is the present situation that countless camouflage and injustice are done as usual.
These are acts and business which are consumers absent, considering only their own interests,
Originally, it is an act that should not be, but there are no signs of disappearing.
Because there is such anxiety, consumers will choose domestic tombstones,
Because it is "domestic tombstone", everything can never be safe.
Rather, the majority of domestic tombstones that are currently on the market,
I do not know whether it is better to think that it is a "tombstone" tombstone.
It will be extremely difficult for consumers to judge the grace's good or bad.
However, because I do not know, at a stone shop someone recommends,
It is not a cheap commodity to buy with easy popularity,
Because I do not like it, it is not a product that makes a big change.
In order to purchase a satisfactory and safe "domestic tombstone" that does not regret,
It is not an exaggeration to say that choosing a reliable stone shop is all.
So, how do you choose the stone shop?
On this site, to people who are considering purchasing "domestic tombstone" from now on,
About the stone in Japan, the design and structure of the tombstone, processing and construction,
Distribution route of domestic tombstone, and how to choose a reliable stone shop,
We will provide you with various information that leads to the grave purchase that is really convincing.
I hope this site will be a guide for your grave selection even if you do not mind.


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