Rosso Karpato Marble new Ukrainian material. Analog Rosso Verona. Quarry Blocks

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Rosso Karpato Marble new Ukrainian material. Analog Rosso Verona. Quarry Blocks


Material:Rosso Karpato


Quarry Location: Ukraine-n/a




Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Jan 03,1994

No. of Total Employees:51 ~ 200

Main Products:Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Travertine, Gabro

Contact Person:Nick Kirsanov


Addr:Malaya Arnautskay str. 58 Odessa

Website:Supplier Website

Joint Ukrainian-Bulgarian company  "NIKI" for more than 20 years of experience in natural stone. The company was founded in Ukraine, Odessa. The company works since 1994, and specializes in manufacturing high-quality, exclusive products made of natural stone (marble, granite, onyx) Own production, which consists of modern equipment allows our employees to easily cope with any of your job, and direct delivery of granite, marble, onyx from leading quarries in Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Norway, allow us to offer you always attractive and competitive prices to any stone products.

We can also carry out export to any country in the Ukrainian and other stone. These can be blocks, slabs, tiles as well as finished products, various moldings and baseboards Milling. At the moment, the labor force in our country is very low, due to this we can quite afford to compete with China. A location in the port city provides us with savings in transportation costs.

                The portfolio companies "NIKI" includes such products from natural stone such as: - the fountain at the Odessa theater "Opera and Ballet"; - A fountain in the city park; - Kitchen countertops made of granite, entrances, floors, balustrades - bathrooms, fireplaces, window sills, stairs, countertops, panels, facing columns, stairs of marble - and many other unique and exclusive products of any complexity Import: through collaboration with leading international careers, the joint venture "NIKI" can offer you a wide selection of slabs and tiles from around the world

                From slabs subsequently obtained finished products, such as tiles, stairs, windowsills, countertops, railings, decorative panels, frames baths and swimming pools, fireplaces, benches made of blocks can be made: fountains, sinks, pillars, columns, statues, busts, vases, fountains , fireplaces, balusters and sculptures. Working in Ukraine, our company has established direct supply of Ukrainian granite manufacturers (quarries), which allows us to offer you Ukrainian granite high quality at low prices, working out of 24 fields in Ukraine: Neverovsky (Black Ice), Slipchitskiy (Cometa Black), Leznikovsky ( Maple Red), Vasilevsky (Ukrainian autumn), Gatskovsky (Gatskovsky), Osnykovsky (Irina Blue), Golovin (Blue Volga), Dobrynskoe (Dobrynske), Emelyanovsky (Rosso Toledo), Mezhirichsky (Flower of Ukraine), Didkovichskoe (Star of Ukraine ) Pokostivske (Grey Ukraine), Tokovsky (Carpazi), Kapustinsky (Rosso Santiago), Voynovskiy (Rosso Santiago), Novodanilovskaya (Withered), Starobabansky (Pink Grey), Constantine (Konstyantynivsky), Yuriev (Dmytrit), Tang (Tansky) , Yantsevsky (Real Grey), Korninsky (Leopard), Krupski (Karmin), Sophia (Sophiyvsky), and any products made of natural stone (granite, marble, onyx). Now the company "NIKA" actively develops a new trend - the means to care for natural stone (Italian production company BELLINZONI). Also we can make restoration and rehabilitation works of both private clients and public sample (historic monuments and so on. D.), To which we have a license. With chemicals for stone care and the latest generation of modern Italian tools, producing the same has a huge range of activities (preservation, polishing, crystallization, giving shine, removing stains, giving the anti-slip properties of the polished surface, anti-moisture, polishing, washing). Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get high quality work, on time, with the best service!

You can follow any responses to ask us all your questions here, by email or by mobile phone

mob. +38 050 390 28 32 Nck Kirsanov  

web site -


tel. +38 048 728 09 71

Fax +38 048 760 17 35

Head office - Malaya Arnautskaya 58

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