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  • Ebenheid Grau

    Additional Names: Ebenheid Grau Sandstein...
    Ebenheid Grau Sandstein,Ebenheid Grey Sandstone,Ebenheid Gray Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Dietfurter Kalkstein Grau

    Additional Names: Dietfurt Kalkstein...
    Dietfurt Kalkstein,Dietfurter Dolomit,Dietfurter Grau,Dietfurter Kalkstein Grau Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Bucher Sandstein

    Additional Names: Sandstein Bucher...
    Sandstein Bucher,Bucher Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Hahnbruch Sandstone

    Additional Names: Hahnbruch Sandstein
    Hahnbruch Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Scheinsberg Oberbank

    Additional Names: Scheinsberger Limestone...
    Scheinsberger Limestone,Scheinsberg Shell Limestone,Scheinsberger Muschelkalk,Scheinsberg Oberbank Limestone,Scheinsberg Oberbank Kalkstein

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Wolfstein Granite

    Additional Names: Wolfstein Granit...
    Wolfstein Granit,Wolfsteiner Granit,Granite Wolfstein

    Germany -- Granite

  • Westlausitzer Granodiorit

    Additional Names: Westlausitzer Granodiorit Granite
    Westlausitzer Granodiorit Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Thanstein Granite

    Additional Names: Thanstein Granit...
    Thanstein Granit,Thansteiner Granit,Thanstein Grau Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Albtal Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Epprechtstein Granite

    Additional Names: Epprechtstein Granit...
    Epprechtstein Granit,Epprechtstein

    Germany -- Granite

  • Schwarzachtal Granite

    Additional Names: Schwarzachtal Rot...
    Schwarzachtal Rot,Thanstein Rot,Haag Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Raumunzach Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Mittenwald Rot

    Additional Names: Mittenwaelder Kalkstein...
    Mittenwaelder Kalkstein,Mittenwald Limestone,Mittenwald Red,Mittenwalder Marmor,Mittenwald Rot Limestone,Mittenwald Red Limestone,Mittenwald Rot Kalkstein

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Schoenbacher Sandstone

    Additional Names: Schoenbach Sandstein
    Schoenbach Sandstein

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Koesseine Royalblau

    Additional Names: Kösseine Granite...
    Kösseine Granite,Koesseine Blue Granite,Kosseine Granite,Koesseine Royal Blau,Koesseine Royalblau Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Meissen Granit

    Additional Names: Rose de Saxe...
    Rose de Saxe,Riesenstein-Granit,Meissener Granit,Meissener Granite,Meissner Granit,Roter Meissner Granit,Meissner Rot,Meissener Red Granite,Rot Meissen Granit,Roter Meissner

    Germany -- Granite

  • Schoenbrunner Sandstein

    Additional Names: Schoenbrunn Sandstone...
    Schoenbrunn Sandstone,Schonbrunner Sandstein,Schoenbrunner Sandsteine

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Herrnholz Granite

    Additional Names: Herrnholz Grau...
    Herrnholz Grau,Herrnholz Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Fuerstenstein Granite

    Additional Names: Fuerstenstein Black...
    Fuerstenstein Black,Fuerstensteiner Granite,Fuerstenstein Diorit,Fuerstensteiner Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Flossenbuerg Gelb Grau

    Additional Names: Flossenbuerg Yellow Gray...
    Flossenbuerg Yellow Gray,Flossenbuerg Gelbgrau,Flossenbuerg Gelb Grau Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Eitzing Granite

    Additional Names: Eitzing Granit...
    Eitzing Granit,Eitzinger Grau,Eitzinger Granit,Eitzing Grey Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Eging Weiss

    Additional Names: Eging Grobkorn...
    Eging Grobkorn,Neissendorfer,Eginger Granit,Eging Weiss Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Blauenthal Granite

    Additional Names: Blauenthal Granit...
    Blauenthal Granit,Blauental Granite,Blauenthaler Granit,Blauenthaler Granit Hellrot,Eibenstock Granit,Erika Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Gauingen Travertine

    Additional Names: Zwiefalten Travertin...
    Zwiefalten Travertin,Gauinger Travertine,Gauingen Braune Bank,Gauinger Travertin

    Germany -- Travertine

  • Flossenbuerger Royal Blau

    Additional Names: Flossenbuerger Blugrau...
    Flossenbuerger Blugrau,Flossenbürg Granit,Flossenbuerg Granit,Flossenbürger Granit Blau,Flossenbürger Granit Graugold,Flossenbuerger Royal Blau Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Ettringen Tuff

    Additional Names: Ettringen Volcanic Tufa...
    Ettringen Volcanic Tufa,Ettringer Kerntuff,Ettringer Trachyt,Ettringer Tuff,Ettringer Tuffstein,Ettringen Trachyte

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Dietfurt Limestone

    Additional Names: Dietfurter Gala...
    Dietfurter Gala,Dietfurter Kalkstein Gala,Dietfurter Dolomit,Dietfurt Kalkstein,Dietfurter Dolomit Limestone,Dietfurt Jura Limestone

    Germany -- Limestone

  • Eichenbuhler Mainsandstein

    Additional Names: Eichenbuehler Sandstein...
    Eichenbuehler Sandstein,Eichenbuehler Mainsandstein,Roter Mainsandstein Eichenbuehl,Eichenbühler Mainsandstein,Eichenbuehl Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Tittlinger Grobkorn

    Additional Names: Tittlinger Grobkorn Granit...
    Tittlinger Grobkorn Granit,Bayerwald Rose,Kristall Rosa Granite,Tittlinger Kristall Rose,Tittlinger Rose Granite,Tittlinger Grobkorn Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Waldstein Gelb

    Additional Names: Waldstein Yellow...
    Waldstein Yellow,Waldstein Giallo,Waldstein SC,Waldstein Granit,Waldstein Gelb Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Beucha Roetlich Porphyry

    Additional Names: Beucha Grunlich Porphyry...
    Beucha Grunlich Porphyry,Beucha Grau Porphyry,Beucha Porphyry,Beucha Rot Porphyry,Beucha Roetlich Granite

    Germany -- Porphyry

  • Birkenkopf Granite

    Additional Names: Harz Granite...
    Harz Granite,Blauer Harz-Granit,Birkenkopf Granit,Weisser Harz-Granit

    Germany -- Granite

  • Demitz Thumitz

    Additional Names: Thumitz Granit...
    Thumitz Granit,Demitz Thumitz Granite

    Germany -- Granite

  • Maulbronn Gelb

    Additional Names: Kosak...
    Kosak,Maulbronner Sandstein,Maulbronner Gelb Sandstein,Maulbronn Rein Gelb,Maulbronn Gelb Sandstein,Maulbronn Gold Sandstone

    Germany -- Sandstone

  • Klettigshammer Granite

    Additional Names: Klettigshammer Volcanic Rock
    Klettigshammer Volcanic Rock

    Germany -- Granite

  • Friedewalder Sandstein

    Additional Names: Friedewalder Malvenrot...
    Friedewalder Malvenrot,Friedewalder Quarzsandstein,Friedewald Rot-Braun,Friedewalder Sandstein Rot,Friedewalder Sandstein Olivgrau

    Germany -- Sandstone

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