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  • Nov 29,2023 Nyamgerel Zeeren Mongolia Mongolia
    (RFQ)Inquire About Dht Hammer Bits

    Hi, Could you please send me a quote for DHT Hammer Bits with diameters of 12 and 16 cm for the ZEGA D480A drilling machine? We intend to use them for two units as we are starting a new project. Kindly provide the unit price, and we are looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperation. Thank you.

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  • Nov 28,2023 Amir AJAMI Iran Iran
    (RFQ)Inquire About Akemi Component Glue with Great Adhesive Strength

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am interested in Akemix 15 Multi-Purpose, 1-Component Glue with Great Adhesive Strength, as shown in the attached image. Could you please send us the product data sheet for this product? Regards,

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  • Nov 28,2023 Abraham Hochshteadt United Kingdom United Kingdom
    (RFQ)Inquire About Sintered Stone Seaming Adhesive, Joint Adhesive

    I am in search of Cohui sintered stone adhesive, specifically about 500 kg of Seaming Adhesive or Joint Adhesive for joining approximately 500 m2 of 2600 x 1200mm slabs. This translates to about 500 running meters of seams. Could you please provide the relevant information to my email? Thank you, and I appreciate your prompt response.

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  • Nov 28,2023 Mahieddin Kouja Qatar Qatar
    (RFQ)Inquire About China Via Lactea Granite Blocks

    Hi, I am in need of the price for China Via Lactea Granite blocks about 8 to 12 tons. Could you please send me photos and pricing for China Jet Mist and China Via Lactea Granite? Thank you,

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  • Nov 28,2023 Raphael Zulu South Africa South Africa
    (RFQ)Inquire About Rock Drill Bits

    Hi, I am looking for Rock Drill Bits- Button Bits: * Drill bits 43mm×R32 * Drill bits 37mm×R25 * Drill bits 76mm×T38 retracks * Reamer bits 102mm×R32 Kindly assist with pricing and pictures Destination: South Africa Durban Port.

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  • Nov 28,2023 Cecile Trevoux Thailand Thailand
    (RFQ)Inquire About White Sandstone Tiles

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing white sandstone tiles. I need them to be 2 cm thick and in sizes 30x60cm or 60x60cm for a total area of 70 sqm. This project is located in Phuket, Thailand, and the tiles should be suitable for terrace and pool areas, ensuring they are anti-slip. Please contact me via WhatsApp. Thank you, and I appreciate your prompt response.

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  • Nov 28,2023 Shandong mingyang China China
    (RFQ)Inquire About Quartz Boulders

    Hello, I hope this message finds you well. We are a Chinese company in search of clear quartz boulders or rocks for manufacturing artificial stone slabs. We require approximately 28 tons or more, if available. Can you provide us with this quantity? Thank you, and I look forward to your response.

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  • Nov 28,2023 Johan Jérôme Canada Canada
    (RFQ)Inquire About Coral Stone Planters

    Hi, Could you please provide information on the cost of one Coral Stone planter, the light beige coral stone flower pot as shown in the attached image? Thank you,

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  • Nov 28,2023 Caroline Corbett United States United States
    (RFQ)Inquire About Puka Lava Stone

    I would like to purchase Puka Lava, as shown in the attached image. Can you please provide a color sample of Puka Lava Stone?

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  • Nov 28,2023 Marcelo Oliveira Brazil Brazil
    (RFQ)Inquire About Buffon B15 Limestone

    Good morning, I am currently seeking BUFFON B15 Limestone, and I only have the reference provided by my client, as shown in the attached image. This limestone is intended for use in a piece of furniture that I am producing. Could you please provide guidance on the import process and, if possible, an estimate of the associated costs? The furniture in question is a background wall with dimensions of 5800 x 2310 x 50 mm (WxHxD). Thank you, and I appreciate your prompt response.

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