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  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Arnold Wingert Austria Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Fujian Nanan Top Way Stone Co., Ltd. (China) , XIAMEN JUSHUO STONE CO.,LTD. (China) , Aapt Distribution Pvt. Limited (India)
    Dear, i am interested in this Ivory White Granite slabs material. Do you have a Price list? Maybe you can get in contact with me....than I can write you more details Best regards,
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Marla Misch United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Stonehenge Hardscapes (USA) , Rockport Granite Inc. (USA) , Select Stone Inc. (USA)
    I am requesting a quote for 936 sq ft of 4"x4"x4" cambrian black granite cobbles. They need to be delivered to the Washington D.C. area by July 2021. Thank you,
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Mr.luo China Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: BB Stone S.R.L.S (Italy) , La Fenice Marmi S.r.l. (Italy) , Marmi di Carrara s.r.l. (Italy)
    we are looking for Calacatta Borghini Marble, Macchia Vecchia slabs and blocks. pls send us if you have. thanks.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Tom United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Tengchong Sanyond Stone Co.,Ltd. (China) , BIGGA STONE - PT. Bigga Damai Utama | Bali Stone Tiles Supplier - Indonesia Natural Stone Exporter (Indonesia) , HANPHAR CO., LTD (Viet Nam)
    Who carries Puka Lava suede Pavers 1/2" thick. Oahu? Thanks
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Birinder Singh Canada Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Alpine Cut Stone, LLC. (USA) , Bybee Stone Company Inc (USA) , Ranier Devido Stone Company (USA)
    I am looking for Indiana Limestone. Our project is in Canada and our requirements are:1. Price quotation for both Full bed stone and Veneer. 2. Total Area required is 3200 sq.ft 3. Kindly send me the quotation on my email address
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: lynn arthur United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Natural Stone LLC (USA) , NHD Rustics Inc (USA) , Euro Quarries, LLC (USA)
    I am looking for Terra Marine Marble Tumbled Pavers. 16X24 Houston large back patio and front patio and outlining drieveway
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Bobby Fairless United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Trusting Stone Co.,Ltd (China) , DM Decos by Design, Inc. (USA) , Abu Shakra Jerusalem Stone Ltd (Israel)
    Looking for Marbella stone tile to cover patio & pool deck in Mesquite NV where it gets 115 degrees in summer and down to 30 in Winter at night. Can you send me 1-5 samples of the Marbella Stone tile you carry?
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Adrian Ponikiewicz Poland Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Xiamen Stone Forest Co., Ltd. (China) , Xiamen Mars Stone Co.,Ltd (China) , AFAQ GEMS & MINERALS (Pakistan)
    Hi, How much for a table made of lapis lazuli ? Regards
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Valya Ukraine Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Marmo Macchine Corporation S.R.L (Italy) , Sarr Global Trade (Italy) , Rozzisi (Italy)
    Hi, dear managers, a few years ago my company bought this machine - Bidese Gold 5 wire saw, now we need electrical diagrams of the machine. Will you help me? Regards. Valya.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Nikita Kolimbet Russian Federation Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: The Pacific Group (India) , OWL HANDICRAFT AND STONE PVT. LTD. (India) , QUALITY MARBLE EXPORTS (INDIA) (India)
    Hi, We are looking for a supply of 140 sq. m of Absolute Black 3cm Slabs, Waterjet finish. Please provide FOB price and estimated production time. Thanks a lot!
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Austin Scott United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: China Refine Industry Co.,LTD. (China) , Fujian Province Ruifengyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. (China) , MGT STONE CO (Iran)
    Hello, We are looking to purchase a slab of translucent white onyx for a 30ft bar top. are you able to send samples? and can you please let me know how long it would take to ship to the united states. Thank you,
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Zinedine Goumidi France Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Viet Nam Technology Mineral Company Limited (Viet Nam) , F-A MERMER GRANIT IC VE DIS TICARET SAN. LTD. (Turkey) , STEFANO RAGNOLINI (Italy)
    Hello Mr, We are French landscaping company and I will be glad to work with you, we are searching new suppliers around the world and are interested by several of your products. Is it possible to contact you by WhatsApp to discuss about your terms? Respectfully
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Maria Estela United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: MineraliA S.A de C.V (Mexico)
    I did like if you can please send me the prices for the onyx , jade, and flouride rock lamps.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Jayesh Kazakhstan Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: XIAMEN HRST STONE CO.,LTD (China) , BRAVE STONE LIMITED (China) , XIAMEN FORTUNE EAST STONE IMP&EXP.CO.,LTD. (China)
    Hello, i am looking for Jura Beige Limestone. Best Regards,
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Alexander Arnautov Russian Federation Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Laizhou Bestone Stone Co., Ltd. (China) , XIAMEN NEW EAST STONE CO., LTD. (China) , Xiamen Golden Universe Stone Industrial Co.,LTD. (China)
    Good afternoon! I am interested in making products made of granite green sea wave. If you are interested, please send me your email address, I will send you the product drawings.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Brittany Prince United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Mertika Marble Ltd. (Greece) , PETALCO-PETROS SKARIS & CO (Greece) , STONE GROUP INTERNATIONAL (MARMOR SG S.A) (Greece)
    Hello, I’m looking for information, details, and pricing for Snow White Thassos tumbled marble tiles by the pallet to import a 20ft Shipping Container to the US. ideally I would like the natural polygonal shaped tiles ranging from approximately 3 inches up to 13 inches at 3/8 inch thickness. Also, I’d like to see if you offer pre-cut squares and rectangles tumbled in that same 3/8 inch thickness. This way I won’t have to cut them and tumble them myself and can also offer these as product options for my customers. Squares in 2x2”, 3x3” 4x4” up to 5x5” and I’m also needing the pre-cut and tumbled rectangles to be 2”x4”, 3”x6”, 2”x1”. I believe I’ll need 2 of the pallets in the 20ft container would be enough. The rest of the container I’ll need to be of the natural shapes in assorted sizes. Thank you for your time!
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Inna Ishchuk Ukraine Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: DENMAR DECORATIVE MARBLE INDUSTRY CO LTD. (Turkey) , Ilkates Mining & Foreign Trade (Turkey) , Polmer Marble (Turkey)
    Dear Sir/Madam We are stone trading company from Ukraine. Now we are looking for vein cut travertine from Turkey under new project. We need next position of travertine. 1. Travertine light ivory vein cut filled with epoxide and honed 60*100*2cm - 192 sq.m 2.Travertine unfilled and honed loght ivory vein cut 60*100*2cm -62,4sq.m 3. Mosaic vein cut filled and honed 8sq.m 4. Travertine light tumbled cross cut 30,5*61*2cm 150sq.m 5. Travertine light ivory vein cut filled and honed 30.5х61х1.2сm - 140 sq.m. Please quote FOB price Best regards
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Elena Russian Federation Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: B&C Skandinavia AS (Norway) , Lundhs AS (Norway) , Norblock AS (Norway)
    I want to buy Norwegian Green Marble- Lilleberg,Lilleberg Dark.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Alejandro jose Dominican Republic Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Marble Egypt (Egypt) , Stone Group Egypt (Egypt) , EL HAMD FOR MARBLE & GRANITE (Egypt)
    Hello Everyone, My name is Alejandro and i am interested in looking at importing granite, i currently deal with china but i am looking for a change could you send me prices please as soon as possible. I need the following: New Halayeb flamed (30x60x1.8,60x60x1.8,x60x90x1.8)cm halayeb flamed (30x60x1.8,60x60x1.8,x60x90x1.8) cm New Halayeb Bush hammered (30x60x1.8,60x60x1.8) cm Halayeb Bush hammered (30x60x1.8,60x60x1.8) cm i need prices for packaging on wooden pallets & in wooden boxes
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Dils Belgium Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: XIAMEN WELL IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD. (China) , BIGGA STONE - PT. Bigga Damai Utama | Bali Stone Tiles Supplier - Indonesia Natural Stone Exporter (Indonesia) , STONE DEPOT - PT D&W Internasional - Indonesia Natural Stone Supplier - Bali Stone (Indonesia)
    We are looking for black granite/Basalt in tiles and swimming pool copings. Finish: flamed and brushed Sizes: 60x60, 80x80, 100x100 cm Thickness: 2 and 3 cm
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Shaji Thazhe Kidaran India Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Ziche Marmi S.r.l. (Italy) , Politalia S.r.l. (Italy) , La Fenice Marmi S.r.l. (Italy)
    I am looking for Breccia sarda or perlato Olimpo polished marble slabs.
  • Jan 14,2021 | Buyer: Audrey Glass United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Ahmed Agate (India) , Agate Stone Export (India) , 3 D International Arts & Gems (India)
    I am looking to buy blue girasol or blue rose quartz.
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Polly brown United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Prime Stone Inc. (USA) , Sun Marble LLC (USA) , TriStone & Tile, Inc. (USA)
    Looking for a large slab of black slate. 2/3cm thich 6ft x 4ft Delivery to New York City
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Mohammed Saudi Arabia Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: SONG LAM EXIM CO., LTD (Viet Nam) , JIANGXI KONKA NEW MARTERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. (China) , Nefertiti Marble (Egypt)
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Petrakos Constantinos Greece Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Marmores Central de Porto de Mos Lda (Portugal) , Airelimestones Lda (Portugal) , Julipedra Industria e Transformacao de Marmores, Lda (Portugal)
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am contacting you on behalf of Polity, an architectural firm based in Patras, Greece. I am interested in one of the products of your company / quarry, the minoan sunshine (white limestone). The product is intended to be used in the renovation of a public space of approximately 20.000 sq.m. in the city of Arta, Greece. Therefore, I would like you to inform me about the availability of the material, as well as the price for tiles with indicative maximum dimensions of 30 * 60 * 4cm. Thank you in advance
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Graeme Ramsay United Kingdom Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: STEFANO RAGNOLINI (Italy) , BB Stone S.R.L.S (Italy) , Grand Stone Enterprise (Morocco)
    Looking for Nero Portoro Marble block for sculpting. What can you offer and can I get a quote with this as well?
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Margarida Sousa Portugal Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Recursos Globales, S.A. Coral Stone & Marble (Dominican Republic) , DR Construcciones, SRL (Dominican Republic) , Recursos Globales S.A. - Coral Stone and (Dominican Republic)
    Dear sir/madam; I'm looking for prices and information on Coral Stone. project for about 1500m2. Please inform your email so that I can send you a picture of what I'm looking for and we can talk. thanks and regards
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Kah Meng Singapore Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Kivitori (Finland) , Salikhov (Russian) , Klijn Natuursteen (Netherlands)
    Hi, I am looking for Alta Quartzite Flagstone paver with natural finish. Qty around 300m²
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Mohamed Sultan Egypt Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Bracki Kamen d.o.o (Croatia) , Senior (Croatia) , Kamen d.d. PLC Pazin (Croatia)
    I am looking for Kanfanar beige Limestone blocks
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: William Watson United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: P&L Marble, Inc. (USA) , Tar-mak USA Inc. (USA) , Stone Park USA Inc (USA)
    I am looking for Inca Brown Marble Exclusive. I probably need 2-4 slabs depending on size. I am in the Houston, Texas area. Ship to: 12902 Mula Ln Stafford, TX 77477. Please call me I am in a rush to get a bid out. Thank you,
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Sugan Padayachee South Africa Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: QUANZHOU MIDSTAR ABRASIVE CO., LTD. (China) , Laizhou Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd. (China) , Floor Cleaning Source (China)
    I am looking for Marble Floor Renovation Machine, Granite Floor Renew Machine, Terrazzo Floor Surface Grinding Machine
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: James Marsala United States Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Engga Company Limited (Viet Nam) , VICOSTONE JOINT STOCK COMPANY (Viet Nam) , Bao Lai White Marble JSC (Viet Nam)
    I am looking for a price on 3 sheets 60"x80" 1/2 thick Artificial Quartz slabs for shower wall panels.
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Joyner Sumoza Chile Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: ERHAN MARBLE AND GRANITE MACHINE (Turkey) , Xiamen Qicheng Superhard Material Co., Ltd. (China) , EASTSTAR MACHINERY CO.,LTD (China)
    Good afternoon. We are interested in quoting a marble and granite bridge saw. We are interested in learning more about the your machines We would like to market it. We would appreciate if you get in touch with us
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: Waleed Sabra Qatar Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: A L P Foreign Trading & Mining Company (Turkey) , Abadi Indo Mandiri (Indonesia) , imperyay co ltd (Turkey)
    Dear Sir, we are interested in buying Pumice Stone for textile size 2/4 and 3/5 quantity 54 tons price CIF Alexandria port of Egypt packaging normal bags 25/kg payments 30% in advance & 70% against bill of loading thanks
  • Jan 13,2021 | Buyer: CARLOS ALBERTO DA SILVA BARROS Netherlands Antilles Post Buying Request to >> Suppliers: Lux Quartz Vietnam Co., Ltd (Viet Nam) , Foshan Full Win Material Co,. Ltd. (China) , GUANGXI LISHENG STONE CO.,LTD. (China)
    I am looking for Quartz Stone Collection 8300 Aurora Rubini
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