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Highbrow Terrazzo

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Material Type: Terrazzo
Priamry Color(s): White
Recommended Usage:kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs, building stone, ornamental stone, interior, exterior wall and floor applications, mosaic, waterjet pattern
Additional Names:Highbrow Terrazzo~
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Can Highbrow Terrazzo be used in wall coverings?

Yes, Highbrow Terrazzo can be used in wall coverings. Terrazzo can be used as a durable and stylish wall covering, adding texture and interest to any space. The versatility of the material allows for endless design possibilities in terms of color, pattern, and finish. Highbrow Terrazzo offers a high-quality option for enhancing walls, and its durability ensures longevity for years to come.

Can Highbrow Terrazzo be used exterior applications in very dusty climates?

Yes, Highbrow Terrazzo can be used for exterior applications in dusty climates. However, it is important to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning of the terrazzo surface to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. Regular cleaning with a low-pressure water hose or a mild detergent solution can help maintain the surfaces appearance and prevent staining. Additionally, it is recommended to seal the surface with a protective sealer to help resist the effects of weather and dust.

Can Highbrow Terrazzo be used outdoors?

Yes, Highbrow Terrazzo can be used outdoors as it is a durable and weather-resistant material. However, it is important to consider proper installation methods and sealing to ensure its longevity and resistance to water damage. Consult with a professional installer for best practices for outdoor use.
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