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Irish Green Marble

Irish Green Marble is a very impressive and unique natural stone with its vibrant green patterns reminiscent of the waves of the cool wind blowing on the green meadows of Ireland. This stone is especially good for kitchen countertops and vanity tops, interior wall panels, mosaics, fountains and other design projects. It also called Irish Green Marble,Irish Green,Irish Green Wild,Irish Green Extra,Irish Green Marble, Connemara Marble, Connemara Green Marble. Irish Green Marble can be processed into Polished,Bush Hammered,Tumbled,Brushed,Honed,Split,Machine Cut,Natural Surface,Sandblasted,Acid Washing,Combed,Leathered,Water Jet,Filled,Chiseled,Pickling and so on.

Data on Irish Green Marble
Catalog: Marble
Color: Green
Quarry Location:Barnanoraun, Derryclare and Lissoughter Hill near Recess in County Galway
Water Absorption:0.62 %
Density:2595 Kg/m3
Flexural Strength:8.14 MPa
Compressive Strength:99.28 MPa
Recommended Usage:kitchen countertops and vanity tops, interior wall panels, mosaics, fountains
Finishing Surface:Polished, Bush Hammered, Tumbled, Brushed, Honed, Split, Machine Cut, Natural Surface, Sandblasted, Acid Washing, Combed, Leathered, Water Jet, Filled, Chiseled, Pickling
Additional Names:Irish Green,Irish Green Wild,Irish Green Extra,Connemara Marble,Connemara Green Marble
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