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Kufeki Stone

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Material Type: Limestone
Origin:TurkeyTurkey (Soğucak Köyü, Vize, Kırklareli)
Priamry Color(s): Ivory
Recommended Usage:Ornamental stone, interior, exterior, wall, floor application, outdoor stairs, mosaic
Additional Names:Kufeki Limestone,Küfeki Taşı,Küfeki Stone,Kufeki Stone Limestone
Water Absorption:5.15 by weight %
Density:2250-2370 Kg/m3
Flexural Strength:187.7 kgf/cm2
Compressive Strength:575 - 595 kgf/cm2
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Is Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone an expensive stone?

I do not have d access to current pricing information of specific stones such as the Kufeki Stone Limestone in Turkey. However, the price of natural stones depends on various factors like availability, quality, transportation, cutting and installation costs, demand, and market trends. Therefore, it is suggested to get quotes from different suppliers and compare them to find the best value for your specific project.

Are there color variations of Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone?

Yes, there are color variations of Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone. The limestone can range in color from beige and cream tones to light gray and even some darker gray or brown hues. The specific color variations may depend on the quarry and the specific section of the quarry where the stone is extracted from.

Can Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone be used in a kitchen?

Yes, Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone can be used in a kitchen. Limestone is a popular material for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and flooring due to its natural beauty, durability, and heat resistance. However, it is important to note that limestone is a softer and more porous stone compared to granite or quartz, so it may require more care and maintenance to prevent staining or surface damage. Sealing the limestone surface regularly and avoiding acidic materials or harsh chemicals can help prolong its lifespan in a kitchen setting.

Can Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone be used exterior applications in very rainy climates?

Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone can be used in exterior applications in rainy climates, but it requires proper maintenance and sealing to ensure its longevity. Limestone is generally a durable and weather-resistant material, but it is still porous and can absorb water if not adequately sealed. In very rainy climates, it is crucial to seal the limestone properly to prevent water penetration and potential damage. A high-quality water-based or solvent-based sealant should be applied to the stone surface, forming a protective barrier and reducing water absorption. This will help prevent any water-related issues such as staining, erosion, or cracking. Regular maintenance is also necessary in such climates. Periodic resealing may be required to maintain the stones water resistance. Additionally, its recommended to clean the limestone surface regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, or moss, as these can retain moisture and compromise the stones integrity over time. In summary, while Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone can be used in exterior applications in very rainy climates, it is essential to employ proper sealing, regular maintenance, and cleaning practices to mitigate any potential water-related issues and ensure its durability.

Can Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone be used in wall coverings?

Yes, Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone can be used in wall coverings. Limestone is a durable and versatile material that is often used for interior and exterior wall cladding. Its natural beauty and variety of colors and textures make it a popular choice for wall coverings in both residential and commercial settings. The Kufeki Stone Limestone from Turkey specifically can be an excellent option for creating elegant and stylish walls.

What grade is Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone?

Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone is generally considered to be of high quality and is commonly used in various architectural and construction projects. However, it is important to note that Kufeki Stone Limestone itself is not a standardized classification or grade. The quality and grade of limestone can vary depending on several factors, including its texture, color, density, porosity, and overall consistency.

How thick is Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone slabs?

The thickness of Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone slabs can vary depending on the specific product and supplier. However, most commonly, these limestone slabs are available in thicknesses ranging from 2 cm (0.79 inches) to 5 cm (1.97 inches). It is recommended to check with the supplier or manufacturer for the specific thickness options available for the Kufeki Stone Limestone slabs.

What is the coefficient of friction of Filled Turkey's Kufeki Stone Limestone tiles?

The coefficient of friction for Filled Turkeys Kufeki Stone Limestone tiles can vary depending on the specific product and surface finish. It is recommended to check with the manufacturer or supplier for the exact coefficient of friction values for these tiles.
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