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Lagos Ivory Porcelain

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Material Type: Porcelain
Priamry Color(s): Beige
Recommended Usage:kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs, interior, exterior wall and floor applications, table tops, wall panels
Additional Names:Lagos Ivory Porcelain~
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Can Lagos Ivory Porcelain be used in heavy use areas?

Yes, Lagos Ivory Porcelain can be used in heavy use areas. Porcelain is known for its durability and strength, making it suitable for high-traffic and heavy use spaces such as commercial buildings, offices, retail stores, and even residential areas subjected to significant foot traffic. Additionally, Lagos Ivory Porcelain is specifically designed to withstand wear and tear, making it a suitable choice for heavy use areas.

Can Lagos Ivory Porcelain be used exterior applications in very sunny climates?

Lagos Ivory Porcelain is a type of porcelain tile that is typically used for interior applications such as flooring and wall cladding. However, since it is a porcelain tile, it is also suitable for some exterior applications. Porcelain tiles, including Lagos Ivory Porcelain, are known for their durability, water resistance, and low maintenance requirements. These properties make them suitable for certain outdoor applications, including covered outdoor areas, patios, and balconies. However, it is important to note that extreme weather conditions, such as very sunny climates, can affect the performance of exterior porcelain tiles. Excessive heat and direct sunlight can potentially cause color fading and thermal expansion, which may lead to cracking or other damage over time. To minimize these risks, it is recommended to choose porcelain tiles with a high resistance to UV radiation and thermal expansion. It is also advised to consult with a professional or the manufacturer to ensure that the specific Lagos Ivory Porcelain tile is suitable for exterior use in very sunny climates.
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