White Alabaster Block, White Alabaster Rocks, Alabaster Raw Blocks,Alabaster Boulders

White Alabaster Block, White Alabaster Rocks, Alabaster Raw Blocks,Alabaster Boulders
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Type: Alabaster

Color: White

Material Origin: Mexico


Min. Order: 21 (Tons)

Packaging Detail: C

Delivery Detail: Container

Shipment Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: PayPal,Other


Natural Alabaster, beautiful white stone used for thousands of years to carve anything from small vessels and vases, to translucent instalations, lamps, tables, and large sculptures. It is noted for its translucency that highlights the natural features of the stone. 

We can provide 21 tons of blocks, small cut blocks, slabs, powder and final prodcuts. 

As producers, we handle all the processes, and have no middlemen. Our stones are the best quality in the world. We dedicate our full attention and give exceptional customer service to wholesales, architects, interior decorators, sculptures and anyone in the marble industry. 

Minera Sumin USA Corporation

Mexico-San Pedro Garza García Image1

Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Jan 03,1992

No. of Total Employees:5 ~ 50

Main Products:Alabaster, Marble, Basalt, Alabaster Blocks, Alabaster Slabs, Alabaster Products

Contact Person:Antonio Gomez



Addr:Humberto Lobo No. 520 Interior M-1, Col. Del Valle, San Pedro Garza García Nuevo León México

Website:Supplier Website


Alabaster Quarry

At Misumin, your satisfaction is our main goal. Our comfort is in providing the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. With over 25 years of experience in our family owned business, we pride ourselves in being the best in the world.

We offer the cleanest Mexican Alabaster, Marble and Basalt for the international market. We control all the processes; from extraction, cut to size, polishing, packaging, logistics and distribution giving us the ability to quickly fulfill large custom orders.  You can enjoy the economical benefits of dealing directly with Misumin and skipping the middleman. 


Our Alabaster quarry is located in the beautiful mountains outside of Monterrey. This privileged location allows us to restock quantities in large volumes to our processing plant in Nuevo Leon and export internationally. 

Alabaster has been used for centuries in sculptures, statues and architecture. The snow-white beauty makes any piece unique and the translucency allows for a soft glow to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. It's no wonder the ancient Romans had walls and palaces of alabaster that glowed against the lush scenery. The grandiose churches of the Valley of the Ebro, in Spain, featured crystal sheets of alabaster, allowing a soft glow and blocking out the harsh light. 

Our sculptures and finished products are hand-carved and assembled by skilled artisans who have years of experience. 

The Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels is an example of modern construction that uses Alabaster in its windows. In modern times, Alabaster is used in architecture to decorate interior and exterior surfaces such as counters, bars, tables, and large installations. Our Alabaster furniture and tables can also include high quality LED illumination to showcase the natural beauty from years of formation. 


Marble is an architectural stone that has been used in building and construction for centuries. Our blocks and slabs are hand selected based on quality and uniqueness. Our products add luxury to any construction with lavish designs and unparalleled composition. 


This versatile volcanic stone is created by hardened molten lava. It can be used for interior, exterior, walls, doors and other products such as fountains, benches and tables. It's sleek and luxurious, characterized by a deep charcoal gray color and light texture surface inclusions. 


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Buyers' Request

I am looking for white Alabaster blocks for building a home. The blocks to be 12” long by 8” tall by 8” thick. The sizes can very based on what’s the most cost effective. I can cut them the size I need if the cost is less for larger pieces. Thank you
Hi, I am a sculptor and am looking for a block of Alabaster about 1.5m tall 600 x600 and wondering what price would be in Australian dollar thankyou
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