• Country: Brazil
  • Show Organizer:Milanez & Milanez
  • Date:Aug 25,2020 - Aug 28,2020
  • Trade Center Adress:Parque de Exposição Carlos Caiado Barbosa Rod.Cachoeiro x Muqui, KM 01 - Aeroporto 29314-400 - Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, ES
  • No. of Exhibitors:180
  • No. of Attendees:17,000
  • Venue:Spirito Santo, Brazil.
  • Exhibition Floor Size:30,000 sq metres
  • Link:http://www.cachoeirostonefair.com.br
  • E-mail: info@cachoeirostonefair.com.br
  • Phone:+55 27 3434-0600
  • Fax: +55 27 3434-0601

The Fair

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, along with 14 cities of the southern region of Espirito Santo compose the Local Productive Arrangement (APL) of dimensional stones, and stands out as the largest dimensional stone processing pole of the Americas.

The region, which concentrates the largest quarries of marble in Brazil, shelter’s large, medium and small extraction and processing dimensional stone companies, joining various productive chains, highlighting the stone goods, machines and equipments industries. Besides this it also aggregates researches, developments, labor qualification, logistics and technology activities, among others.

It’s within this scenario that the Cachoeiro Stone Fair is realized, and in 2009 it celebrates its 20th year anniversary, and along its history, it has been bringing exhibitors and visitors together from various parts of the world and Brazil. The fair has been strongly expressing the dimensional stone evolution in marketing knowledge, technology and innovation.

This is where your company stands out!

Espírito Santo is the main producer and the major processor and exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil. It is responsible for 47% of the production and 44% of the exports. It concentrates more than 50% of the Brazilian sector industry, in number of gang-saws and companies, as well as in terms of growth. The sector estimates an avarage growth of 30% in exports within the next five years.

This new phase is based on an efficient network of highways and railways and on the Vitória port complex, that turned Espírito Santo into the major Brazilian center for blocks and slabs.

Important international and Brazilian industries as well as exporters are establishing in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the metropolitan area of Vitória and in the North of the State.

The world´s attention to the Brazilian granites requires two annual editions of the International Marble and Granite Fair one in Vitória and another in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim.

The Fair aims at showing the diversity of Brazilian ornamental stones and at encouraging their use. It is designed to create a space for the realization of business and partnerships, to make new technologies known through the exhibition of machinery, tools and new processing methods and management, to promote the sector marketing in Brazil and abroad and to increase exports, especially of finished products with higher aggregate values.

The Importance
The International Marble and Granite Fair has been the scene of practically all the presentations of new machinery, equipment, tools and other materials used by the marble and granite industries for the last ten years. Besides being the event where the companies present their latest creations and products (approximately 300 commercial types of stones, among granites, marbles, ardosias, quartzites and travertines are exposed), the Fair acts as show-room and motivator for the whole sector in the search for new technologies.

What it represents
The International Marble and Granite Fair has had a fundamental role in the organizational and technological development of the sector. Actually, the Fair presents itself as an open door to the world, acting as supplier, as well as receiver of information of the most different characteristics and impacts.

The local companies have adapted themselves to this new reality awakening to the existence of a world outside their own, a world that has come to know their potential, hidden at the beginning, but year by year gaining characteristics of reality.

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