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  • Country/Region:Poland
  • Province/State:Kostrzyn wlkp
  • Type:Wholesaler, Contractor, Exporter
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 2011
  • Annual Turnover:1 ~ 2.5
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Kostrzyn wlkp ul Sportowa 3a/40
  • Telephone: +48-883101337
  • Contact Person: Robert Kozubski
Reclaimed Brick Tiles THE ORIGINAL METHOD TO DECORATE YOUR WALLS Now you are able to create pleasant and unique interior , inspired by natural material. Reclaimed brick tiles may be used in any interior such as : - Interior design of : walls , hallways,kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces etc. - Retail and catering facilities. - Offices. - Elevations. - Others. - Hotels. Reclaimed brick tiles just like a old bricks are able to impressed by texture, colorand feeling of warmth at the same time giving the effect of a brick wall. This versatile material was used in construction since ancient times (4 th Century B.C.) enrich every house by giving warm and modern interior. SPECIFICATIONS - Weight of 1m2 = 32 kg (please include the interior wall load capacity) - Number per 1m2 including grout 49 pieces - Colors :depending on the abtained raw materials - white or shades of natural bric -RED - Every project with reclaimed bric tiles should be impegnated to protect surface against dust , water and grease, whichwill allow for longterm using with unaltered appearance. Catalog PRODUCTS GENERAL OFFER FOR DECOSTONE PRODUCTS presented in this catalogue Decostone products price list to be understood EX WORKS DECOSTONE, unit packing included: Pos. Product name Size (mm) Price net ex. VAT I. Brick tiles I.1 Old Joseph 270x65x20 45,00 GBP per 1 sgm I.2 Stanley 260x65x20 40,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.3 Stanley Hybryd 270x65x10-20 35,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.4 Stanley Junior 260x30x10-20 35,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.5 Benjamin 270x65x10-20 35,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.6 Corner 280x120x20 3,50 GBP per 1 piece I.7 Mosaic 65x65x20 75,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.8 Steps 290x150x20 140x60x20 11,00 GBP per 1 piece I.9 Cracow Terracotta 300x180x 15-18 95,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.10 French Terracotta 135x135x15 150,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.11 British Terracotta 150x150x15 125x125x15 60,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.12 Vienna Terracotta 300x70x19 95,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.13 Cobblestone sliced thickness 25 mm 85,00 GBP per 1 sqm I.14 Flower pot small +/- 400x400x350 110,00 GBP per piece I.15 Flower pot big 160,00 GBP per piece II. Accessories II.1 Tile adhesive 25 KG bags 25,00 GBP per bag II.2 Grout gun 20,00 GBP per piece II.3 Grouting trowel 10,00 GBP per piece II.4 Impregnates 2,5l, 5l, 25l 45,00 GBP per 25l Standard delivery time: 25 working days ex works for the first pallet. When bigger deliveries are concerned delivery time will be longer and individually agreed. Partial shipments should be permitted. Minimum size of order: 1 pallet = 60 sqm of tiles Standard payment conditions: advance payment should be considered Deliveries: may be organized by Decostone on Incoterms basis on request Transport: land transport by trucks, sea transport in 20 or 40ft containers CONTRACT AND INQUIRIES * For your needs we also provid individual orders * With larger orders the price can be negotiate. * Please feel to call or email to arrange all details of the contract. DecoStone Group Sp Z .o .o tel : 0048 883 101 337

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