Caribbean Coral & Marble

United States-Florida-Doral

Main Products:Tiles, Pavers, Coping, Slabs, Columns, Balustrades, Caps, Cornices, Molding, Door & Windows Coral Moldings, Benches, Tables, Fountains, Fireplaces, Water Sinks

Telephone:+1-786 332 2863
Contact Person :Max Fuchs
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  • Company:Caribbean Coral & Marble
  • Country/Region:United States
  • Province/State:Florida
  • Province/State:Doral
  • Type:Service, Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 1988
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: 1374 NW 78 Ave Doral FL
  • Telephone: +1-786 332 2863
  • Mobile Phone: 1-954 394 0944
  • Skype: mfuchs1965
  • Contact Person: Max Fuchs

Caribbean Coral & Marble is a company dedicated to the exploitation and commercialization of coral stone mined from our own quarry. Began its operations in 1989 being the first and major coral stone mine in the Dominican Republic with an extension of more than 6 million square meters available for exploitation; being its main feature its light color and the great amount of coral residues on each and every one of its pieces that had been recognized as the best quality coral stone quarry in the Dominican Republic.

We have a team that is specialized in our product and that has a vast experience in the handling of open-pit mining, all focus in the attainment of our goals and the satisfaction of our clients, as we concentrate on doing what we best know: produce a white coral stone with unique qualities; always being able to stay focus on a sole product and emphasizing our high standard of social responsibility and respect to the environment. 

In Caribbean Coral & Marble we will continue to work as we have done for more than 25 years without interruption to please the highest demands of those that are looking for not only coral stone but the best coral stone in the Dominican Republic.

We also have an office and Warehouse in Miami, Fl USA, with plenty stock ready to supply the American market.

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