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Main Products:Monuments, Building Stone, Landscaping Stone

Contact Person :Tada Kentaro
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  • Company:Tada Sekizai
  • Country/Region:Japan
  • Province/State:Nagai
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 2000
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Izumi 2012-4, Nagai, Yamagata Prefecture 993-0031
  • Fax No: +81-238-88-3423
  • Telephone: +81-238-88-3421
  • Contact Person: Tada Kentaro
I will convey "the hand-to-hand culture" through the grave
It is not just "selling stones" but I think that we have a responsibility to convey the meaning and value of the grave properly. I would like to cherish the "matching hands" culture.
Also, the grave is a symbol of the house. After building it, how the customer engages with the grave ...
Through products we are proposing to include future things.
From company planning to processing and construction, our own organization with security
The strength of the Tada stone shop is that while the number of outsourcing-based stone shops increases, it is possible to consistently carry out construction and processing by our own factories and own craftworkers.
Veteran craftworkers, with over 40 years of masonry history, will do all the construction, foundation work, installation work, letter sculpture ....
The factory is also equipped with large cutting machine and automatic polishing machine. Fully equipped equipment and solid craftsmanship creates "trust".
I take firmly the feelings of my family and shape it
Tombstone showing the story of each life. Tadaoda shop sells confidence with the confidence that this opportunity faces the feelings of families and deceased people, and listens to hope and makes a proposal that resonates with the mind ... This is what Tada stone shop says with confidence.
Thinking together the environment and situation where the customer is located, I will keep on changing the stance of proposing the most suitable tombs, keeping the tradition of 120 years since my establishment and continuing to continue in the future.
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