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MSM Mariana Soapstone Ltda

MSM Mariana Soapstone Ltda

Brazil Brazil

Company Profile
Company Name: MSM Mariana Soapstone Ltda
Business Type: Natural Stone
Main Product:

Beleza Soapstone, Black Soapstone Flooring, Soapstone Green Dry Pot, Sao Luis Soapstone Sink

Country/Region: Brazil Brazil
Addr: Rua Joao Batista 555 Passagem de Mariana Mariana-MG
WebSite: http://www.braziliansoapstone.com.br
Company Description
The MSM Mariana Soapstone Mining Mineração e Comércio Ltda,, extractive industry and improvement of soapstone / steatite, the market offers a wide range of products that have durability and strength of a noble and ancient material used. Its hardness is comparable with a good marble, plus the advantages of soapstone / steatite be refractory to heat, high bearing temperatures. The refined finish adds elegance to any environment, leading to a house from nature. The soapstone / steatite should not be confused with the stone talc, material of lower hardness, and used for small fragile sculptures and objects for decoration. The first records of the use of soapstone / steatite, dating the beginning of the fifteenth century in Europe.

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