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  • Company:Stone Solutions Ltd.
  • Country/Region:Bulgaria
  • Province/State:Mezdra
  • Type:Service, Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 2000
  • Annual Turnover:1 ~ 2.5
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: 52 Hristo Botev Str. , 3100 Mezdra BULGARIA
  • Telephone: +359-878 418 958
  • Skype: ivanganev2000
  • Contact Person: Ivan Ganev
Vratsa limestone is a type of natural limestone that has unique features – it is extremely weather-resistant, easy to process and possesses rare aesthetic qualities. The stone is of different view depending on the angle and distance of observance.
Vratsa limestone is homogenous natural stone, coloured in warm creamy nuances with various patterns and models. Yotov Stone has achieved the quality processing level that makes it possible to underline or hide the special shading of Vratsa limestone veins. It is weather-resistant and actually it is rain-, cold- and ice-proof. This type of limestone is durable to hitting and other kind of physical impact, as in most cases it exceeds the other limestone types. 
These properties of Vratsa limestone in combination with its unprecedented aesthetics make it very convenient for outdoor application – panelling and decorations, as well as for interior use. 
As we take a closer look at the facades of the old classical buildings, we would find out the features of a compact, homogenous stone that is impressive with its warm creamy colour – rain- and cold-resistant throughout time. Vratsa limestone is a representation that suggests feeling of stability, combined with material’s plastics adding up unexpected lightness tone. 
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+359 878 418 958

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