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New York Blue Stone

New York Blue Stone is grey and from United States. It can be used in many areas for exterior, wall cladding, paving. Additional names of New York Blue Stone include: New York State Bluestone,Elk Brook Bluestone,NY Bluestone,NY Blue Stone.

Data on New York Blue Stone
Catalog: BlueStone
Color: Grey
Origin:>United StatesUnited States
Quarry Location:South-Central New York State and North-Eastern Pennsylvania
Water Absorption:1.1 By weight %
Density:2690 - 2720 Kg/m3
Flexural Strength:17.7 - 21.7 MPa
Compressive Strength:137.2 - 210.0 MPa
Recommended Usage:Exterior, wall cladding, paving
Additional Names:New York State Bluestone,Elk Brook Bluestone,Ny Bluestone,Ny Blue Stone
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