• Sahra Yellow-White Tuff

    Additional Names: Sahara Yellow-White Tuff...
    Sahara Yellow-White Tuff,Sahra Sarı Beyaz Tüf Taşı,Sahra Yellow-White Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Cherry Red Tuff Stone

    Additional Names: Rotten Cherry Tuff Stone...
    Rotten Cherry Tuff Stone,Vişne Çürüğü Tüf Taşı,Çürük Vişne Tüf Taşı,Rotten Cherry Tufa Stone,Başdere Vişne Tüf Taşı,Basdere Visne Tüf Taşı,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Nevsehir Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Red Trachite,Basdere Cherry Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Cherry Red Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Coffee Foam Tuff

    Additional Names: Coffee Foam Tuff Stone...
    Coffee Foam Tuff Stone,Coffee Brown Tuff Stone,Kahve Köpüğü

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Esbelli White Tuff

    Additional Names: Esbelli White Tuff Stone...
    Esbelli White Tuff Stone,Esbelli Beyaz Taş

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Ash Grey Tuff

    Additional Names: Ash Grey Tuff Stone...
    Ash Grey Tuff Stone,Kül Gri Taş

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Sahra Yellow Tuff

    Additional Names: Sahra Yellow Tuff Stone...
    Sahra Yellow Tuff Stone,Sahra Gold Tuff Stone,Sahra Sarı Taş

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Gris Arucas Tuff

    Additional Names: Arucas Grey Tuff Stone
    Arucas Grey Tuff Stone

    Spain -- Tuff

  • Amarilla de Ayagaures Tuff

    Additional Names: Naranja de Ayagaures...
    Naranja de Ayagaures,Ayagaures Yellow Tuff Stone,Ayagaures Gold Tuff Stone,Piedra Amarilla/Naranja de Ayagaures,Piedra Amarilla de Ayagaures

    Spain -- Tuff

  • Gravina Tufa

    Additional Names: Tufo Giallo di Gravina...
    Tufo Giallo di Gravina,Pietra di Gravina Tufi,Gravina Tufff Stone,Gravina Tufo

    Italy -- Tuff

  • Tufo Leccese

    Additional Names: Leccese Tuff Stone...
    Leccese Tuff Stone,Pietra Leccese,Pietra Leccese Carparo,Arenaria di Leccese

    Italy -- Tuff

  • Sukabumi Green Tuff

    Additional Names: Sukabumi Green Stone...
    Sukabumi Green Stone,Bruta Green Stone,Lisa Green Stone,Sukabumi Green Quartzite,Sukabumi Green,Pedra Hijau Verde,Piedra Hijau Verde,Green Sukabumi Stone,Bali Green Stone,Sukabumi Green Tuff Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Black Tiger Stone

    Additional Names: Black Tiger Tuff Stone
    Black Tiger Tuff Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Green Pacitan

    Additional Names: Green Pacitan Tuff Stone...
    Green Pacitan Tuff Stone,Green Pacitan Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Paras Kerobokan Stone

    Additional Names: Black Kerobokan Stone...
    Black Kerobokan Stone,Paras Kerobokan Tuff Stone,Bali Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Anadolu Limra Tuff Stone

    Additional Names: Yozgat Anadolu Beyazı...
    Yozgat Anadolu Beyazı,Şefaatli Taşı,Yozgat Beyazı,Şefaatli Beyaz Taşı,Anadolu Limra Taşı,Anadolu Limra Tufa,Anadolu Lymra Tuff Stone,Anatolia Lymra Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Serbia Brown Tuff

    Additional Names: Serbia Brown Tuff Stone...
    Serbia Brown Tuff Stone,Serbia Tuff Stone

    Serbia -- Tuff

  • Demirtas Black Tuff

    Additional Names: Demirtas Siyah Tufa...
    Demirtas Siyah Tufa,Cappadocia Black Tuff Stone,Nevsehir Black Tuff Stone,Demirtas Black Tuff Stone,Demirtas Black Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Basdere Cherry Red Tuff

    Additional Names: Başdere Vişne...
    Başdere Vişne,Basdere Visne,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Nevsehir Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Red Trachite,Basdere Cherry Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Cherry Red Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Crimson Tuff

    Additional Names: Antique Crimson Red Tuff Stone...
    Antique Crimson Red Tuff Stone,Antik Kizil,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Antiq Crimson Tuff Stone,Crimson Red Tuff Stone,Antique Crimson Trachite,Antique Crimson Tuff Stone,Antique Crimson Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Basdere Sky Blue Tuff

    Additional Names: Basdere Firuze...
    Basdere Firuze,Cappadocia Sky Blue Tuff Stone,Başdere Firuze Tufa Tasi,Basdere Sky Blue Tuff Stone,Ürgüp Tasi

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Yellow White Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Sari Beyaz...
    Antik Sari Beyaz,Cappadocia Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antiq Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow White Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Yellow Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Sarı Nevşehir Tasi...
    Antik Sarı Nevşehir Tasi,Cappadocia Yellow Tuff Stone,Antiq Yellow Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique White Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Beyaz...
    Antik Beyaz,Cappadocia White Tuff Stone,Antiq White Tuff Stone,Antique White Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Aksalur Gulkurusu Tuff

    Additional Names: Aksalur Gülkurusu Tufa Tasi...
    Aksalur Gülkurusu Tufa Tasi,Aksalur Dry Rose Tuff Stone,Aksalur Gul Kurusu,Nevşehir Tuff Stone,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Cappadocia Rose Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Cappadocia Tuff

    Additional Names: Cappadocia Tuff Stone...
    Cappadocia Tuff Stone,Göreme Tasi,Kapadokya Doğal Taş,Nevşehir Taşi

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Bayburt Tuff

    Additional Names: Bayburt Taşı...
    Bayburt Taşı,Bayburt Beyaz Taşı,Bayburt Sari Taşı,Bayburt Yesil Taşı,Bayburt Tuff Stone,Bayburt Tüfü,Bayburt Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • China Green Sukabumi

    Additional Names: China Green Sukabumi Stone...
    China Green Sukabumi Stone,China Green Quartzite,China Green Sukabumi Quartzite,China Green Tuff Stone

    China -- Tuff

  • Armenia Tuff L

    Additional Names: Armenia Black Tuff L Stone
    Armenia Black Tuff L Stone

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Jadjur Tuff

    Additional Names: Tuff Jadjur...
    Tuff Jadjur,Jadjur Tuff Stone,Jajur Tuff Stone

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Hoktemberyan Tuff

    Additional Names: Hoktemberyan Tuff Stone...
    Hoktemberyan Tuff Stone,Armavir Tuff Stone,Tuff Hoktemberyan

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Haemus Tuff

    Additional Names: Haemus Tuff Stone...
    Haemus Tuff Stone,Haemus Trachite,Haemus Trachyt,Haemus Tufa Stone,Haemus Volcanic Ash Stone,Haemus Stone

    Bulgaria -- Tuff

  • Roemer Tuff

    Additional Names: Römer Tuff...
    Römer Tuff,Roman Tuff Stone,Tufo Romano Stone,Roemer Tuff Stone

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Weiberner Tuff

    Additional Names: Weibern Tuff Stone...
    Weibern Tuff Stone,Weiberner Trachite,Weiberner Trachyte,Weibern Trachite,Weibern Trachyte

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Beige Tuff

    Additional Names: Beige Tuff Stone...
    Beige Tuff Stone,Kayseri Tuff Stone,Beige Kayseri Tuff Stone,Kayseri Bej Tüf Taşı,Bej Kayseri Taşı,Beige Kayseri Stone,Kayseri Beige Trachyte,Secilmis Sari Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Beige Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Pink Tuff

    Additional Names: Pink Tuff Stone...
    Pink Tuff Stone,Kayseri Tuff Stone,Pink Kayseri Tuff Stone,Kayseri Pembe Tüf Taşı,Pembe Kayseri Taşı,Pink Kayseri Stone,Kayseri Pink Trachyte,Kayseri Pink Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Red Tuff

    Additional Names: Kayseri Kirmizi Tüf Taşı...
    Kayseri Kirmizi Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Kirmizi Tüftaşı,Kayseri Red Trachyte,Kayseri Red Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

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