• Gravina Tufa

    Additional Names: Tufo Giallo di Gravina...
    Tufo Giallo di Gravina,Pietra di Gravina Tufi,Gravina Tufff Stone,Gravina Tufo

    Italy -- Tuff

  • Tufo Leccese

    Additional Names: Leccese Tuff Stone...
    Leccese Tuff Stone,Pietra Leccese,Pietra Leccese Carparo,Arenaria di Leccese

    Italy -- Tuff

  • Sukabumi Green Tuff

    Additional Names: Sukabumi Green Stone...
    Sukabumi Green Stone,Bruta Green Stone,Lisa Green Stone,Sukabumi Green Quartzite,Sukabumi Green,Pedra Hijau Verde,Piedra Hijau Verde,Green Sukabumi Stone,Bali Green Stone,Sukabumi Green Tuff Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Black Tiger Stone

    Additional Names: Black Tiger Tuff Stone
    Black Tiger Tuff Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Green Pacitan

    Additional Names: Green Pacitan Tuff Stone...
    Green Pacitan Tuff Stone,Green Pacitan Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Paras Kerobokan Stone

    Additional Names: Black Kerobokan Stone...
    Black Kerobokan Stone,Paras Kerobokan Tuff Stone,Bali Stone

    Indonesia -- Tuff

  • Anadolu Limra

    Additional Names: Yozgat Anadolu Beyazı...
    Yozgat Anadolu Beyazı,Şefaatli Taşı,Yozgat Beyazı,Şefaatli Beyaz Taşı,Anadolu Limra Taşı,Anadolu Limra Tufa,Anadolu Limra Tuff Stone,Anatolia Lymra Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Serbia Brown Tuff

    Additional Names: Serbia Brown Tuff Stone...
    Serbia Brown Tuff Stone,Serbia Tuff Stone

    Serbia -- Tuff

  • Demirtas Black Tuff

    Additional Names: Demirtas Siyah Tufa...
    Demirtas Siyah Tufa,Cappadocia Black Tuff Stone,Nevsehir Black Tuff Stone,Demirtas Black Tuff Stone,Demirtas Black Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Basdere Cherry Red Tuff

    Additional Names: Başdere Vişne...
    Başdere Vişne,Basdere Visne,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Nevsehir Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Red Trachite,Basdere Cherry Red Tuff Stone,Basdere Cherry Red Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Crimson Tuff

    Additional Names: Antique Crimson Red Tuff Stone...
    Antique Crimson Red Tuff Stone,Antik Kizil,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Antiq Crimson Tuff Stone,Crimson Red Tuff Stone,Antique Crimson Trachite,Antique Crimson Tuff Stone,Antique Crimson Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Basdere Sky Blue Tuff

    Additional Names: Basdere Firuze...
    Basdere Firuze,Cappadocia Sky Blue Tuff Stone,Başdere Firuze Tufa Tasi,Basdere Sky Blue Tuff Stone,Ürgüp Tasi

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Yellow White Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Sari Beyaz...
    Antik Sari Beyaz,Cappadocia Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antiq Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow White Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow White Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique Yellow Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Sarı Nevşehir Tasi...
    Antik Sarı Nevşehir Tasi,Cappadocia Yellow Tuff Stone,Antiq Yellow Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow Tuff Stone,Antique Yellow Tufa Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Antique White Tuff

    Additional Names: Antik Beyaz...
    Antik Beyaz,Cappadocia White Tuff Stone,Antiq White Tuff Stone,Antique White Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Aksalur Gulkurusu Tuff

    Additional Names: Aksalur Gülkurusu Tufa Tasi...
    Aksalur Gülkurusu Tufa Tasi,Aksalur Dry Rose Tuff Stone,Aksalur Gul Kurusu,Nevşehir Tuff Stone,Cappadocia Red Tuff Stone,Cappadocia Rose Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Cappadocia Tuff

    Additional Names: Cappadocia Tuff Stone...
    Cappadocia Tuff Stone,Göreme Tasi,Kapadokya Doğal Taş,Nevşehir Taşi

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Bayburt Tuff

    Additional Names: Bayburt Taşı...
    Bayburt Taşı,Bayburt Beyaz Taşı,Bayburt Sari Taşı,Bayburt Yesil Taşı,Bayburt Tuff Stone,Bayburt Tüfü,Bayburt Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • China Green Sukabumi

    Additional Names: China Green Sukabumi Stone...
    China Green Sukabumi Stone,China Green Quartzite,China Green Sukabumi Quartzite,China Green Tuff Stone

    China -- Tuff

  • Armenia Tuff L

    Additional Names: Armenia Black Tuff L Stone
    Armenia Black Tuff L Stone

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Jadjur Tuff

    Additional Names: Tuff Jadjur...
    Tuff Jadjur,Jadjur Tuff Stone,Jajur Tuff Stone

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Hoktemberyan Tuff

    Additional Names: Hoktemberyan Tuff Stone...
    Hoktemberyan Tuff Stone,Armavir Tuff Stone,Tuff Hoktemberyan

    Armenia -- Tuff

  • Haemus Tuff

    Additional Names: Haemus Tuff Stone...
    Haemus Tuff Stone,Haemus Trachite,Haemus Trachyt,Haemus Tufa Stone,Haemus Volcanic Ash Stone,Haemus Stone

    Bulgaria -- Tuff

  • Roemer Tuff

    Additional Names: Römer Tuff...
    Römer Tuff,Roman Tuff Stone,Tufo Romano Stone,Roemer Tuff Stone

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Weiberner Tuff

    Additional Names: Weibern Tuff Stone...
    Weibern Tuff Stone,Weiberner Trachite,Weiberner Trachyte,Weibern Trachite,Weibern Trachyte

    Germany -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Beige Tuff

    Additional Names: Beige Tuff Stone...
    Beige Tuff Stone,Kayseri Tuff Stone,Beige Kayseri Tuff Stone,Kayseri Bej Tüf Taşı,Bej Kayseri Taşı,Beige Kayseri Stone,Kayseri Beige Trachyte,Secilmis Sari Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Beige Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Pink Tuff

    Additional Names: Pink Tuff Stone...
    Pink Tuff Stone,Kayseri Tuff Stone,Pink Kayseri Tuff Stone,Kayseri Pembe Tüf Taşı,Pembe Kayseri Taşı,Pink Kayseri Stone,Kayseri Pink Trachyte,Kayseri Pink Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Red Tuff

    Additional Names: Kayseri Kirmizi Tüf Taşı...
    Kayseri Kirmizi Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Kirmizi Tüftaşı,Kayseri Red Trachyte,Kayseri Red Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Black Tuff

    Additional Names: Kayseri Siyah Tüf Taşı...
    Kayseri Siyah Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Black Trachyt,Kayseri Black Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Grey Tuff

    Additional Names: Gri Tüf Taşı...
    Gri Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Grey Trachyt,Kayseri Grey Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Afyon Tuff

    Additional Names: Afyon Tuff Stone...
    Afyon Tuff Stone,Afyonkarahisar Tüf Taşı,Afyon Tüf Taşı

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Brandy Crag Silver Tuff

    Additional Names: Brandy Silver Tuff Stone
    Brandy Silver Tuff Stone

    United Kingdom -- Tuff

  • Brandy Crag Tuff

    Additional Names: Brandy Crag Silver Grey Tuff Stone...
    Brandy Crag Silver Grey Tuff Stone,Brandy Grey Tuff Stone,Brandy Crag Grey Tuff Stone,Brandy Cragg Tuff Stone

    United Kingdom -- Tuff

  • Bursting Tuff

    Additional Names: Bursting Tuff Stone...
    Bursting Tuff Stone,Bursting Stone Olive Green,Bursting Stone

    United Kingdom -- Tuff

  • Kayseri Yellow Tuff

    Additional Names: Yellow Tuff Stone...
    Yellow Tuff Stone,Kayseri Tuff Stone,Yellow Kayseri Tuff Stone,Kayseri Sari Tüf Taşı,Sari Kayseri Taşı,Yellow Kayseri Stone,Kayseri Yellow Trachyte,Alali Sari Tüf Taşı,Kayseri Yellow Tuff Stone

    Turkey -- Tuff

  • Tuscania Tuff

    Additional Names: Pietra Tuscania...
    Pietra Tuscania,Basalto Tuscania,Tuscania Volcanic Tuff,Tufo Tuscania

    Italy -- Tuff

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