Cotton White Granite

Cotton White Granite
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Type: Granite

Color: White

Material Origin: Brazil

Surface Finishing: Polished


The production systems that Alfa Graniti avails of are systems which are technologically very advanced. Blocks are introduced onto frames where the sawing of marble and granite takes place and slabs of various thicknesses are obtained. In Brazil the use of the frame is replaced by the multifilo. The multifilo is a machine which has revolutionized the productive concepts of granite slabs.
It is characterized by precision cutting and smoother surface of slabs which allows for a reduction in polishing time. Subsequently, for materials which are not very compact, with the aim of improving resistance and aesthetic aspect, Alfa Graniti is equipped with the Automatic Line of Marble and Granite Resin Application. Before applying resin, the slab has to be conditioned as regards humidity and temperature and after the application it has to be maintained at a constant controlled temperature to allow the resin to harden. The rough slabs obtained from sawing or applied with resin are subjected to further workmanship:
Polishing- enhances colour and streak of the material, giving it radiance and transparency 
Smoothing- makes the surface smooth and full, giving the material a matt effect and certain grains a used effect 
Flaming- a thermal process obtained using oxygen and gas to heat the surfaces to be treated which then favours the removal of a layer of about 2mm of material allowing the structure and the colour of the material to be enhanced 
Brushing- obtained by using suitable abrasive brushes mounted on the smoothing line. It gives an orange-peel effect with a slightly wavy weaving which brings to mind the silk effect 
Hitting- obtained by using a hammer with pyramid-shaped points and with the possibility if different gradations, giving a rustic effect to the material while enhancing the weaving


Italy-Sicily-Chiaramonte Gulfi

Business Type: Factory,Contractor,Importer,Exporter

Establishment Date:Jan 01,1998

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Marble,Granite, Brazil Granite, Slab,Tile, Quartzite, Onyx, Blocks

Contact Person:Vania Gintoli

Phone:39-932 929140

Fax:39-932 929136

Addr:C.da Coffa - 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) Italy - Sicily

Website:Supplier Website

Alfa Graniti Spa came to life in 1998 as the fruit of the family’s twenty-year experience. It specialises in the production of marble and granite semi-finished products. The strategic factors on which Alfa Graniti can rely are the use of cutting-edge productive processes, its long experience and in-depth knowledge of the stone market, an endless search for new, excellent materials, its unfailing orientation to understanding and fulfilling the customer’s needs as well the use of skilled, motivated staff with a passion for challenges. In 2006, Alfa Graniti went through a deep shake-up to pursue its main goal: a powerful growth of its sales network in Italy and abroad. The opening of new markets, the increasing globalisation and the rising competitive pressure have led the company to relocate its logistic facilities closer to its productive operations. This is how Alfa Graniti Brasile came to life, a production company specialising in high-quality marble and granite processing and conversion, equipped with the most sophisticated production technology. The choice to relocate its productive operations abroad enables the company to be fast, flexible, competitive and to make the most of its own potentials in a shorter time, which delivers clear advantages in terms of lower production costs, availability of local raw materials and the opportunity to create new destination markets.


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Buyers' Request

Dear sir/Madam we are in search of granite with color specifications of pale gray and cream white. The quantity we are after is 50,000 sqm. The installation will take place in large uniform space of 5000-10000 sqm each. We require the thickness of the tiles to be either one centimeter or ten millimeters and the beveling to be that of three millimeters around the perimeter. We also require that the tiles are on the same color or of no color difference and absolutely uniform. The dimensions should be 30x30x1 cm, 40x40x1 cm of 50x50x1 cm. Goods should fave ISO and CE certification. If you could, please send us a link demonstrating you proposed tiles along with pricing information(seaport) and an estimated delivery time so we can proceed with seeing some physical samples from you and potential to determine a good visit date in your factory for more details. We would prefer for the transaction to be in euros. The loading of the merchandise will be carried out after a quality control of our own at your factory. Please, send us – as soon as possible - a link where we'll be able to see the products we are in search of. Exactly with color specifications of pale gray and cream white. Including the prices of those products( SEAPORT) because we are about to make our decision very soon. That is why at first we will consider proposals that include this link. The dimensions should be 30x30x1 cm, 40x40x1 cm of 50x50x1 cm but we're going to accept only 30x30x1(if its not possible for the other two dimensions) or 30x30x1.2 or 30x30x1.3. But first we're in a search for the other two dimensions. Sincerely
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