Rosa Valtoce Marble Blocks

Rosa Valtoce Marble Blocks
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Type: Marble

Color: Pink

Material Origin: Italy


Pink marble quarry Valtoce Ornavasso - Candoglia

The history of the Ornavasso-Candoglia marble is told by the votive and funerary finds from the Celtic and Romanesque periods. From the 14th century it intertwines with the construction of the Milan Cathedral that acquires "marmor fino, beli et ben lavorato" from the "Teutonicis" of Ornavasso. From the fifteenth to the nineteenth century this marble will be used to adorn churches, chartreuse, palaces, funeral monuments throughout the Piedmont area and Lombardy. We find it in the Certosa and in the Pavia Cathedral, in the Arco della Pace and in moti monuments to the Monumental cemetery in Milan, and in many private residences.

In the early 1900s the Moschini company will continue this tradition with extraction techniques updated to the times. With the introduction of the helical wire the excavation passes to be in the underground with tunnels on four different levels with depth between 80 and 250 meters. Now the level reserved for the extraction is the lowest and next to the country.

The quarry is kept legally active, the extraction is carried out on request, for the realization of specific projects and supplies.

However, the material in blocks, slabs and floors is always kept in stock in order to meet urgent requests.

The underground quarry offers, together with that of candoglia, the venerable factory of the Milan cathedral, a unique material for chromaticity, hardness and resistance.

Le Rogge s.r.l


Business Type: Service,Natural Stone

Establishment Date:Dec 31,2000

No. of Total Employees:N/A

Main Products:Rosa Ornavasso, Rosa Valtoce Marble, Rosa Candoglia Marble, Marble Slabs, Blocks, Tiles, Countertops, Sinks, Stairs

Contact Person:A. Moschini

Phone:+39-323 066 400

Fax:+39-323 066 400

Addr:Via al Boden 1/a 28877 Ornavasso VB

Website:Supplier Website

The company Le Rogge was established in 2004 by the A. Moschini company that since the early 1900s exploits the ancient veins of marble of Ornavasso.
The Zucchi-Moschini family, which has managed it over the years, has specialized in the development of the quarry, in the extraction of blocks and slabs of Valtoce pink marble and granite and in the artistic craftsmanship of these products.
For over thirty years, in addition to working the quarries of Ornavasso, we have dealt with the extraction of Serizzo in Valle Formazza, of granite "Alma White" in Malpartida and of "Alma Gray" in Tras os Montes, Portugal; in addition to consulting for the opening of new basalt and olivine quarries in the Archangel district in the north of Russia.
Le Rogge s.r.l
Laboratorio artistico
Via al Boden 1/a 28877 Ornavasso VB  
Tel. / Fax 0323 066 400


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