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Iran(13) France(9) Turkey(9) Italy(8) Norway(3) Mexico(3) Portugal(3) Egypt(3) Oman(3) India(3) United States(2) Dominican Republic(2) Brazil(2) Albania(2) China(2)

Rose Natural Stones

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  • Turkish Rose Marble

    Additional Names: Crema Patricia Pink Marble...
    Crema Patricia Pink Marble,Ararat Rosalia Marble,Ararat Rose Marble,Bilecik Rosalya Marble,Crema Patricia Marble,Marmor Ararat Rosa Marble,Rosa Ararat Marble,Rosalia Ararat Marble,Rosalia Cream Marble,Rosalya,Rosemary Marble,Rosalia Marble,Rosalia Light,Rosalia Light Marble,Light Rosalia,Rosalia Dark Marble,Marble Rosalia Dark,in China stone market:土耳其玫瑰(Tǔ'ěrqí méiguī)

    Turkey -- Marble

  • Lioz Abancado Limestone

    Additional Names: Abancado Limestone...
    Abancado Limestone,Abancado Lioz Limestone,Lioz Beige Limestone,Calcario Lioz Abancado

    Portugal -- Limestone

  • Rosa Borba Marble

    Additional Names: Rosa Aurora Borba...
    Rosa Aurora Borba,Rosa Venado Marble

    Portugal -- Marble

  • Rosa Perlino Marble

    Additional Names: Asiago Perlino Rosato Marble...
    Asiago Perlino Rosato Marble,Perlino Rosa Marble,Rosato Perlino Marble,Rosa Asiago Marble,Perlino Pink Marble,Rosa Perlino Limestone,Rosso Perlino Marble,Champagne Red Marble,in China stone market: 香槟红(Xiāngbīn hóng)

    Italy -- Marble

  • Nehbandan Roza Granite

    Additional Names: Nehbandan Pink Granite...
    Nehbandan Pink Granite,Pink Nehbandan Granite,Nehbandan Rose Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Golpanbeh Hamedan Granite

    Additional Names: Hamedan Pink Granite...
    Hamedan Pink Granite,Hamadan Pink Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Rouge Chemtou Marble

    Additional Names: Marbre Chemtou Jaune...
    Marbre Chemtou Jaune,Jaune Chemtou Marbre,Chemtou Light Marble,Chemtou Marbre,Chemtou Marble,Rouge Chemtou Marbre,Chimtou Marbre,Pink Chemtou Marble,Marbre Marron Chemtou,Marbre Jaune Antique de Chemtou,Giallo Antico Marble,Chamtou Marble

    Tunisia -- Marble

  • Tepeaca Rose

    Additional Names: Jaspe Pink Marble...
    Jaspe Pink Marble,Jaspe Rose Marble,Tepeaca Jaspe Marble,Tepeaca Rose Limestone,Tepeaca Rose Marble,Rojo Tepeaca

    Mexico -- Marble

  • Sabian Rose

    Additional Names: Boka Rose Marble...
    Boka Rose Marble,Boka Pink Marble,Saba Rose Marble,Sabian Rose Marble,Boka Red marble

    Ethiopia -- Marble

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