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Perla Venata Quartzite

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  • Perla Venata Quartzite
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  • Perla Venata Quartzite Tile
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  • Perla Venata Quartzite Slab
  • Perla Venata Quartzite Slab
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  • Perla Venata Quartzite Finished Product
Material Type: Quartzite
Origin:BrazilBrazil (Ceará)
Priamry Color(s): White
Recommended Usage:Countertops, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, fireplace surround, table tops
Additional Names:Quarzo Perla Venatae,Perla Venato Quartzite,Perla Venata Oro Quartzite,Perla Venata White Quartzite,Perla Venata Quartzite,Ice Age Quartzite,In China Stone Market: 冰河世纪(Bīnghé Shìjì)
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Can Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite be used in a kitchen?

I cannot give personal opinions. However, technically, yes, Perla Venata Quartzite can be used in a kitchen as it is a durable and heat-resistant natural stone. However, it is important to note that like any natural stone, it should be sealed properly and maintained regularly to prevent staining and damage. Additionally, it is always recommended to consult with a professional or a supplier to determine the best materials for your specific kitchen design and needs.

How thick is Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite slabs?

I dont have access to current inventory or stock levels. However, Perla Venata Quartzite slabs commonly come in thicknesses of 2 cm and 3 cm (or 0.78 and 1.18 inches). Its possible that other thicknesses are available as well, depending on the supplier or manufacturer.

Can Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite be used in landscaping?

Yes, Brazils Perla Venata Quartzite can be used in landscaping as it is a durable and natural stone that can withstand outdoor elements. It can be used for pathways, retaining walls, garden borders, fire pits, and other landscaping features. Its attractive patterns and colors also make it a popular choice for outdoor kitchen countertops and patio seating areas.

Can Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite be used exterior applications in very sunny climates?

I cannot provide a definitive answer as I do not have access to specific information about the environmental conditions and durability of Brazils Perla Venata Quartzite. However, in general, quartzite is a natural stone that is known for its durability and resistance to heat, which makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as patios, pool decks, and facades. However, the use of any natural stone in exterior settings may depend on factors such as the climate, exposure to sunlight, moisture, and the stones porosity and potential for fading or discoloration. It is recommended to consult with a professional stone supplier and installer to determine the suitability of a specific type of quartzite for exterior use in very sunny climates.

What grade is Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite?

I cannot access the current grade of Brazils Perla Venata Quartzite as it may change over time and may have different grades for specific uses or applications. However, quartzite grades are typically determined by factors such as color consistency, porosity, strength, and durability. It is best to consult a reputable quartzite supplier or manufacturer for specific information on the grade and recommended applications.

What is the coefficient of friction of Polished Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite tiles?

Sorry, I dont have access to current data or information about the coefficient of friction of specific products. Its best to contact the manufacturer or supplier of the tiles directly to get the most accurate information.

Are there color variations of Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite?

Yes, there can be color variations in Brazils Perla Venata Quartzite. While the stone is predominantly white with gray and beige veining, the intensity and pattern of the veining can vary from slab to slab. Additionally, exposure to different levels of heat and pressure during the formation of the stone can result in different shades and hues of color. Therefore, it is important to see the exact slab of Perla Venata Quartzite that will be used in your project to ensure that it meets your desired color and pattern specifications.

Is Brazil's Perla Venata Quartzite an expensive stone?

Yes, Brazils Perla Venata Quartzite is considered an expensive stone due to its high-quality and unique veining patterns. The price of the stone can vary depending on the thickness, size, and availability.
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