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China(208) Italy(75) Turkey(75) Portugal(71) Spain(67) India(64) Iran(50) Greece(49) Brazil(41) United States(32) Egypt(32) France(29) Canada(19) Australia(16) Mexico(15)

Pink Natural Stones

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  • Pink Afshar

    Additional Names: Pink Afshar Granite...
    Pink Afshar Granite,Afshar Pink Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Diyadin Granite

    Additional Names: Diyadin Pink Granite...
    Diyadin Pink Granite,Kardelen Granite

    Turkey -- Granite

  • Romantic Pink Granite

    Additional Names: Romantic Rose Granite
    Romantic Rose Granite

    India -- Granite

  • Pink Tiger Skin Marble

    Additional Names: Tiger Skin Marble...
    Tiger Skin Marble,Tiger Veins Marble

    Malaysia -- Marble

  • Batik Light Marble

    Additional Names: Batik Light Pink Marble...
    Batik Light Pink Marble,BL Marble,Rosa Pink Marble

    Malaysia -- Marble

  • Batik Medium Marble

    Additional Names: AllStone Batik Medium Marble...
    AllStone Batik Medium Marble,Batik Medium Pink Marble,BM Marble,Tiger Skin Marble

    Malaysia -- Marble

  • Lanno Pink

    Additional Names: Lanno Pink Marble...
    Lanno Pink Marble,Gunung Lanno Pink Marble,Persian Pink Marble,in China stone market: 波斯粉红(Bōsī fěnhóng)

    Malaysia -- Marble

  • Shanshui Granite

    Additional Names: Shanshui Pink Granite...
    Shanshui Pink Granite,Shanshui Poetry,Shanshui Shu Granite,Mountain-water Granite,in China stone market:山水书(Shānshuǐ shū)

    China -- Granite

  • Crystal Pink Marble

    Additional Names: Pink Crystal Marble...
    Pink Crystal Marble,Crystal Rose Marble,in China stone market: 欧典云后(Ōudiǎnyún hòu)

    Viet Nam -- Marble

  • Taybad Pink

    Additional Names: Taybad Granite...
    Taybad Granite,Pink Taybad Granite,Taybad Pink Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Zanjan Peach

    Additional Names: Peach Red Granite...
    Peach Red Granite,Zanjan Peach Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Pink Zanjan

    Additional Names: Zanjan Pink Granite...
    Zanjan Pink Granite,Zanjan Pink Bahar Granite,Pink Zanjan Granite

    Iran -- Granite

  • Pink Roses Marble

    Additional Names: 粉色玫瑰 (Fěnsè méiguī)...
    粉色玫瑰 (Fěnsè méiguī),Fense Meigui

    China -- Marble

  • Rosetta Vene

    Additional Names: Rosetta Venato...
    Rosetta Venato,Rosetta Fiori Marble

    Egypt -- Marble

  • Java Melarosa

    Additional Names: Marmer Java Melarosa...
    Marmer Java Melarosa,Java Melarosa Marble

    Indonesia -- Marble

  • Juparana Pink Granite

    Additional Names: China Juparana Gold Granite...
    China Juparana Gold Granite,Hebei Juparana Gold,Hebei Desert Flowing Gold Granite,Hebei Desert Flower Gold Granite,Hebei Desert Gold Granite,Desert Gold Granite,China Juparana Pink Granite

    China -- Granite

  • Golden Vein Marble

    Additional Names: Golden Vein Rose Marble...
    Golden Vein Rose Marble,Red Vein Marble,Red Vein Beige

    China -- Marble

  • Rezhevskoy Granite

    Additional Names: Rezhevsky Granite...
    Rezhevsky Granite,Granite Rezhevskoy,Granit Rezhevskoiy,(Russian: Гранит Режевской)

    Russian Federation -- Granite

  • Sosnovy Bor Granite

    Additional Names: Sosnoviy Bor Granite...
    Sosnoviy Bor Granite,Granite Sosnovy Bor,Granit Sosnovyy Bor,(Russian:Сосновый Бор)

    Russian Federation -- Granite

  • Bianco Rosa

    Additional Names: Bianco Rosa Granite
    Bianco Rosa Granite

    China -- Granite

  • Galaxy Rossa

    Additional Names: Galaxy Rosa Marble...
    Galaxy Rosa Marble,Galaxy Rossa Marble

    Turkey -- Marble

  • River Pink Granite

    Additional Names: Pink River Granite
    Pink River Granite

    India -- Granite

  • Pink Spring Granite

    Additional Names: Spring Rose Granite
    Spring Rose Granite

    India -- Granite

  • Mount Rainier

    Additional Names: Mount Rainier Granite...
    Mount Rainier Granite,Mount Rainer,Mt Rainier Granite

    Brazil -- Granite

  • Jerusalem Crimson

    Additional Names: Jerusalem Crimson A - 127...
    Jerusalem Crimson A - 127,Jerusalem Royal Pink,Jerusalem Crimson Limestone,Jerusalem Royal Red,Jerusalem Rose,Jerusalem Pink,Hebron Pink,Palestinian Red

    Palestine -- Limestone

  • Mykalissos Pink Fantasy

    Additional Names: Mykalissos Pink Fantasy Marble...
    Mykalissos Pink Fantasy Marble,Ritsona Pink Marble,Ritsone Rose

    Greece -- Marble

  • G436 Granite

    Additional Names: Jieyang Red Granite
    Jieyang Red Granite

    China -- Granite

  • Alaska Pink

    Additional Names: Alaska Pink Granite
    Alaska Pink Granite

    Brazil -- Granite

  • Aurora Boreale

    Additional Names: Solker Marmor Rose...
    Solker Marmor Rose,Soelker Pink,Steiermark,Aurora Boreale Marble,Soelker Rose Marble,Marmi Aurora Boreale,Sölker Rose Marble

    Austria -- Marble

  • Sabana Guaimir Granite

    Additional Names: Granito Sabana Guaimir...
    Granito Sabana Guaimir,Sabana Rosso Guaimir Granite

    Venezuela -- Granite

  • Samba Juparana

    Additional Names: Granito Samba Juparana...
    Granito Samba Juparana,Samba Jup

    Brazil -- Granite

  • ALM Ragno Rosa

    Additional Names: ALM Ragno Rosalia...
    ALM Ragno Rosalia,Alimoglu Ragno Rosa,Alioglu Rosalia

    Turkey -- Marble

  • Red Desert

    Additional Names: Red Desert Stone...
    Red Desert Stone,Red Desert Limestone

    Jordan -- Limestone

  • Moshawah

    Additional Names: Moshawah Stone...
    Moshawah Stone,Zahr

    Jordan -- Limestone

  • Zahr Stone

    Additional Names: Az Zahr Stone
    Az Zahr Stone

    Syria -- Limestone

  • Pink Linen Granite

    Additional Names: Linen Pink Granite...
    Linen Pink Granite,in China stone market:粉红麻(Fěnhóng má)

    China -- Granite


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