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Grassi 1880 Spa

Grassi 1880 Spa

Italy Italy

Company Profile
Company Name: Grassi 1880 Spa
Business Type: Natural Stone, Stone Service
Main Product:

Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine

Country/Region: Italy Italy
Addr: Via Madonnetta, 6 - 36024 Nanto (VI) Italy
WebSite: http://www.grassi1880.com
Company Description
Research and promotion of raw materials and processing.
This company was established in order to ensure continuity and to acknowledge the founder’s work, it deals with the promotion of the family activities in the several world markets, with the search for natural building materials and with special processing of materials for architecture.
Ready to take on any kind of shape and function with surprising technologies and results, stone, marble and granite enhance your investments, satisfy your tastes and your emotions with their prestige, dynamism, hygiene and quality of an above all natural material. A continuous research in their working produced products manufactured with highly sophisticated industrial processes which have made the use of ‘precious and always sought for materials’ cheap and widespread. 
The long history of the company policies we adopt, over time have become a very flexible productive strength in working any type of handwork.
Since we really love each item we manufacture, we have never abandoned any production sector, even when the markets did not prove us right. 
We have developed and grown up in terms of turnover and (sales) volumes, we have updated technologically with the new CNC which enable us to reduce the costs and to manufacture higher quality and precision handworks, without however leaving any handicraft production area by replacing it with standardized mass productions, often with great efforts also in encouraging young people to substitute the “old” craftsmen such as sculptors.
This still enables us to offer our customers any type of stone, marble, and granite handwork, besides a technical-artistic know-how background of notable value and prestige, qualities that are, nowadays, more than ever rare and difficult to find in modern companies that are concentrated only on sales volumes and profits and that we obviously safeguard with jealously and with extreme pride.

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