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  • AKB Madencilik
  • AKB Madencilik
  • AKB Madencilik
  • AKB Madencilik
  • AKB Madencilik
  • AKB Madencilik
Company Name: AKB Madencilik
Business Type: Natural Stone, Stone Service
Main Product:

Marbles, Limestone

Country/Region: Turkey Turkey
Addr: H.Uluşahin İş Merkezi, A Blok No:102 Selcuklu Konya Turkey
WebSite: http://
Company Description
In 31.12.2008, our company which is established to service with under the name of “AKB MADENCİLİK NAKLİYAT GIDA İNŞ. TARIM SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.” prefers the marble in the field of mining.
First of all, the marble quarries of our company in Karaman, Turkey for the production of marble blocks were initiated since 2009. They were investigated by putting the emphasis on the homogeneity and the light color. The efficiency of quarry-block, cuttability and polishing properties were examined. As it looks like Elazıg Sunta Marble, particularly it is attracted the attention of the Chinese market.
In 2010, because of the favorable result of investigations, it was decided to invest, received necessary equipments and began the process of openning quarry mirror. At the same time, it is made small-scale production. In Marble Fair in Istanbul, 2009, our marble was showcased for the first time as blocks and plates and it became the focus of the utmost interest from Middle Eastern Countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Israel and orders were received from some countries. For this reason, investments are accelerated and the marble is re-exibited in Izmir Fair. Visitors from particularly Far Eastern Countries such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia and some European countries like Italy and Spain showed a great interest in our stand and some orders were received.
Production activities have been accelerated in 2010 due to all above mentioned demands. In the meantime, the production is rised by solving some problems such as accesing electricity and water.
Year 2010 was quite productive for us in terms of preparations for the production, the creation of the mirror, and expanding the customer portfolio. Then, produced and exported to the entire block was 2500 m3.
Some reputed companies in China, India, Malaysia, Italy, Indonesia and Israel sold our stone to try in their projects and add to their sales porfolios.
Companies that purchased for testing in 2010, returned to us in 2011 with large projects and large demands. We are rather pleased to take so orders more than production capacity and doubled our production capasity and sales in 2011. Meanwhile, we were looking for a suitable name to our marble. As a result of that brokerage firms in fairs in China and Italy exibited our stone under a variety of names, we focused on two names which are “SABAN LIME” or “LIGHT MOKA”. Hundred years, our company’s standing stones in Karaman marketed in China which is on the other side of the world. We are very pleased an proud of this. Thus we have solved the problem of finding the name of marble.
The only goal in 2012 is to satisfy existing customers and their ongoing projects. For this reason, we renewed business machines by making new investments and also we set ourselves a marathon of 2012 production by strengthening quarry equipments and personnels. Due to the geographical location of the quarry, we have an advantage that it is not affected by the winter weathers so we did not stop our production in the winter months. Our goal is to produce 2500 tons per month in 2012 which can be export quality.

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