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Persian Alabaster

Persian Alabaster

Iran Iran

Company Profile
Company Name: Persian Alabaster
Business Type: Natural Stone
Main Product:

Stone, Alabaster Stone, Alabaster, Persianalabaster, Alabaster Cope, Alabaster Slabs

Country/Region: Iran Iran
Addr: Modarres Blvd , Corners 33, Shiraz , Iran
Established: Dec 31,2000
WebSite: http://www.persianalabaster.com
Company Description

persian alabaster sales the best alabaster stone in the world alabaster stone seles into cope and slabs 

the colors : white alabaster, gry alabaster, black alabaster, green alabaster,....

Central office:

Iran,Shiraz , Modarres Blvd , Corners 33, Company persianalabaster
mobile: +989177048099 / +989120216720
email: persianalabaster@yahoo.com  

England Office:

Address :
103.Tong moor road /Bolton/BL2 2DL/England

tell:+447511.384105 / +441204.373.570

email: persianalabaster@yahoo.com


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