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Xilex Development SL

Xilex Development SL

Spain Spain

Company Profile
Company Name: Xilex Development SL
Business Type: Machinery
Main Product:

Resin Lines For Natural Stone, Drying Machine For Marble, Granite Slabs

Country/Region: Spain Spain
Addr: Calle Senda de les Deu 41 Rafelbunyol - Valencia
Established: Mar 02,2001
WebSite: www.xilexforstone.com
Company Description

With a experience of more than 25 years, our technology and engineers are an international reference in offering solutions to companies that work with materials such as marble and granite. MACHINE FOR NATURAL STONE DRYING MACHINE FOR EPOXY RESIN FILTERING AND CURING FOR MARBLE AND GRANITE SLABS HIGH TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR HAND Xilex technology is the only one which performs drying and curing processes in less than 1 hour, to be able to polish immediately. It means a saving of more than 15% on the process production costs. FILTRATION IS WHAT MATTERS

Xilex for Stone manufactures drying and resin machines (epoxy, polyester and polyurethane) that improve the treatment by controlling the resin process in natural stone slabs: marble, granite, onyx and quartzite, among others. This technical solution increases the productivity by up to 30% and entails savings of up to 350,000 €/year approximately (in resin lines with a production of 30 slabs/hour).

Companies that update their lines with Xilex for Stone machines, Ares and Kronos, are able to complete the drying and resining process of the slabs in just 1 hour with high quality results. This involves a considerable reduction of the production costs due to the minimization of manufacturing time, elimination of intermediate storage space, reduction of the amount of resin necessary for the treatment, reduction of material breaks due to the optimal filtration and the energy efficiency achievement.

Xilex Development SL

C/Senda de les Deu 41 46138 Rafelbunyol Valencia – España

Email: info@xilex.eu


Phone: +34 644 235 205

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