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Company Profile
Company Name: Wasasten
Business Type: Natural Stone, Stone Service
Main Product:

Natural Stone, Alvdal Quartzite Flooring Tiles, Alvdal Quartzite, Countertops, Paving Stone, Boundary Stones, Alvdal Quartzite

Country/Region: Sweden Sweden
Addr: Mångsbodarna 796 99 Alvdalen-Sweden
WebSite: http://www.wasasten.se
Company Description
In the heart of Dalarna, deep in the dark evergreen forest, is Mångsbodarna. And it is here that we find the red stone. Älvdal Quartzite. Created more than 1.4 billion years ago. Unique owing to its red color and veined structure. And moreover one of the hardest rock types to be found in Sweden. The people of Dalarna have admired it for centuries. If you travel through the settlements around Lake Siljan, you will discover the red stone in many places.
Stone. A steadfast friend throughout humanity’s development. Nothing else has protected us as much. Nothing else has offered so much security. And now, at the beginning of a new millennium, we are discovering its advantages. During a time when we realize that we must live with nature, we are again finding what our ancestors knew. That stone is a fantastic material. Put your hand on it and feel its pleasant warmth. Run your fingertips along its surface and be fascinated by the myriad structures that nature creates. Heft it in your hand and feel its weight. Embrace it and be impressed by its hardness.
Centuries of research have not yet succeeded in creating a material that is as complete. That is as fascinating, existing in so many variations, and can offer so many possibilities.
That’s why we started Wasasten in 1991. Here, in Mångsbodarna, we currently quarry approximately 700 cubic meters of Älvdal Quartzite each year, and process approximately 10,000 square meters of slabs. We are able to do this because we have Sweden’s only production line for thin slabs, so we can easily and quickly help our customers. We no longer need to transport the material long distances for processing, which is good for everyone, not least of all the natural environment.
Here, in this region, there is a tradition of working with stone that stretches back for centuries. Competence in the craft and pride in a job well-done lives on. For us, quality means transferring a little bit of the joy and satisfaction we feel when we work with stone. For our quality efforts, we became the first stone company in Sweden to be certified under ISO 9002.

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