Denver S.P.A.

San Marino-San Marino

Main Products:Waterjet Machine, CNC Machine, Cutting Machine,CNC Working Center, CNC Router

Telephone:+39-549 999 688
Contact Person :Franco Baracchini
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  • Company:Denver S.P.A.
  • Country/Region:San Marino
  • Province/State:San Marino
  • Type:8, Machinery
  • Number of Employees: 148
  • Establishment Date: 1983
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Strada Del Lavoro,87 47892 Gualdicciolo Repubblica di San Marino
  • Fax No: +39-549 999 651
  • Telephone: +39-549 999 688
  • Post Code: 47892
  • Contact Person: Franco Baracchini
DENVER is a company that produces machines for the stone and glass industries. 
DENVER is the centre of technological excellence that wants to drive the development of San Marino Tech Valley, inspired by a mentality that has always pursued an excellence deeply rooted in our corporate culture. DENVER is a lifestyle aimed at excellence and constant curiosity, which means growth, progress and solutions that make the history of our market.
We want to convey this sense of excellence to the customer who, by choosing us, becomes part of Denver World, and this for him means to make the difference on the market revolutionizing his way of conceiving the working system and the business. DENVER is the centre of excellence of San Marino Tech Valley not contaminated by the laws of the global mainstream.
When I started my company in 1984, I would have never thought DENVER would become what it is today. At that time, I only had my hand, my mind, my know-how and the curious and foolish spirit of those who love creating and finding new solutions. The same spirit aimed at research and innovation drove us to create first dust collector benches and first monoblock bridge saws for the stone shops.
The second revolutio was the introduction of the first bridge saw with turning head. In the meantime, the company kept growing and from a small-town artisan workshop we became a reference point for the global market of stone working machines. 
Third revolution was a big challenge for Denver: launching a new business unit to design and manufacture machines for the glass industry. Here again our constant aim to find innovative solutions drove us to conceive and then to create ADVANCE, the machine that is revolutionizing the glass processing market, a true game changer.Of those 35 years of revolutions and innovative solutions, I only take the credit for sowing the seed. What Denver is today it is all thanks to those people who worked hard to make the company grow and to those customers who believed in us making my wish come true. 
Alvaro Giannoni
President and founder Denver spa

Factory and Machinery

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