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Telephone:+39-324 61295
Contact Person :Raffaella Scaciga Moro
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  • Company:Moro Serizzo s.a.s.
  • Country/Region:Italy
  • Province/State:Crodo
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 1937
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Via Alpiano Inferiore 3 28862 Crodo (VB) - ITALY
  • Fax No: +39-324 61670
  • Telephone: +39-324 61295
  • Post Code: 28862
  • Contact Person: Raffaella Scaciga Moro
The story of my family has been connected to stone from a distant period in the last and like many other stories in the Ossola Valley, it isn’t clear from exactly when. The first official document that I managed to find, issued in 1934 when the Royal Mining Force from Turin requested a census, certifies that one of the three Serizzo quarries situated in the Antigorio Valley belonged to my great grandfather, on my mother’s side of the family, Enrico Pelganta.
If I were to go back over the years on the female side of my family, relating stories and memories of the time then I would be able to go further back into
the past a great deal more.
This profession has always been carried out by men, at least up until my generation. But what about the women? Obviously they have always been there
supporting their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons. They were strong and of vital importance. They could never be done without, but they were never
in the foreground.
Thus the story that brought about the birth of Moro Serizzo is once again one of men, supported by their ever present womenfolk and, in order to tell you
about it, I have to start from the story of my father. Just before the second World War, my father Giovanni Mario Moro was working as a stone cutter in his hometown Montemerlo in the province of Padua. In 1938, at the age of 24 seeing as his finances weren’t flourishing, he decided to leave his hometown to seek his fortune taking only a few things with him, among which was his chisel which he was romantically proud of. When he arrived at Bolzano he heard of the Ossola Valley and the possibilities of finding work there. This is how he found his way to the Pelganta quarry in Crodo. The quarry belonged to the parents of my mother Gina, who was just a young lady at that time. As time went by, Gina and Mario fell in love, which was a worrying situation because he was too old for her and a stranger to the town and she was too young for my austere old fashioned grandparents. My parents decided to leave their work and their family to get married and start a new life together. This is how our family firm started in 1953: at first they exploited erratic boulders, then in 1963 they bought the family quarry and eventually in 1979 they created a laboratory where the entire work cycle was completed, from the extraction of the stone to its saw milling and to the final workmanship.
Sixty years have now gone by since this project started, a project which grew and flourished from a love story.
Our profession has evolved over the years, we have new machinery, new methods of working the stone and a different way of dealing with business.
Today, Moro Serizzo is owned and run by three women: my two daughters Raffaella and Tiziana and myself.
The love for our profession, our surrounding valley and its stone, the deep respect we feel for the fatigue, the intelligence and fairness of men and women
all show that our family values have never changed.
Our products are the result of a love story which has lasted sixty years, planned to meet the requirements of those who seek something true, natural clean
and graceful, something which is as warm as the sun rays which dance on our mountains on a beautiful day in July...

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