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Main Products:Marble, Granite, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Slate

Telephone:39-45 8650150
Contact Person :Tatiana Syravatka
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  • Company:Marcolini Marmi SPA
  • Country/Region:Italy
  • Province/State:Grezzana
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: 5 ~ 50
  • Establishment Date: 1959
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Via Carrara 24 37023 Grezzana (VR)
  • Fax No: 39-45 8650444
  • Telephone: 39-45 8650150
  • Mobile Phone: 39-348 8261800
  • Skype: tatiana.marcolini
  • Post Code: 37023
  • Contact Person: Tatiana Syravatka
It has been fifty years since our story has begun.
Day by day, through all these years, the name Marcolini Marmi has acquired a definite, recognised standing in its field. The Marcolini family is at the roots of this successful enterprise, having always pursued innovation and vision paired with a deep respect for traditional values, handed down from father to son. Our know-how and experience were always shared with our closest collaborators, competent, driven people, whose flexibility always meets every situation's needs, professionals who keep searching for new materials and novelties in the stone processing technology. Over the years, our company has grown and changed, constantly renewing itself; nevertheless, our spirit and our passion have remained as strong as they were in the beginning..
Our professionalism..
Through the various stages of its development, Marcolini Marmi has always been synonymous with the pursuit of innovation and of advanced methods in the processing of rough materials. Our stones come in a wide range of finishes: polished, flamed, honed, river-washed, scratched, sand-blasted, bush-hammered, stone-hammered, antiqued; we cut them in calibrated, bevelled tiles 1cm thick, or in cut-to-size slabs and panels of various thicknesses.
In love with stones.
Marble is created beautiful: only by loving it and understanding it can one uncover its perfection and bring out its charm. Each centimetre is different from the next, adding up in an endless swirl of constantly changing nuances. Granite, travertine, marble and onyx are stones which, according to their setting, conjure up feelings of opulence or lightness, warmth or coolness, elegance or informality, sophistication or minimalism - they adapt perfectly to all architectural requirements and styles.Marcolini Marmi is a valuable and trustworthy partner, thanks to its numerous strong points:
an extensive knowledge of rough materials and of processing methods;
the ability to select the best materials worldwide, from the most valuable to the most resistant, to the most sought-after ones;
a close and fruitful cooperation with the most up-to-date Italian producers of stone-cutting and processing equipment;
a logistics network which is the company's pride;
a vast, comprehensive and efficiently organised showroom, where our clients find clear, precise information and immediate answers.
Nature offers us perfection: we enhance it.
Nature's genius has created unique, unparalleled materials. We exalt the features of marble, granite and stones with our characteristic Italian flair, by employing the most advanced technologies available. We take pride in our work: it comes from long-gained experience and time-honoured tradition.

Factory and Machinery

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