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Contact Person :Shefki Hysa
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  • Company:Kumega Ltd
  • Country/Region:Albania
  • Province/State:Burrel
  • Type:Natural Stone
  • Number of Employees: 201 ~ 500
  • Establishment Date: 2010
  • Annual Turnover:1 ~ 2.5
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: Company KUMEGA shpk
  • Fax No: 00355-4 2342252
  • Telephone: 00355-682026468
  • Mobile Phone: 00355-682026468
  • Skype: shefki661
  • Post Code: 00355
  • Contact Person: Shefki Hysa

Hello my friend, 

Happy New Year

My name is Mr. Shefki Hysa, from Albania. (Engineer Geologist MsC)  expert for natural stone..

We have taken two marble quarries with concession from the Albanian government for 35 years. Now we have all the legal documents from the government and we are ready to start using marbles quarries according to all the laws of my country.

One of the marble quarries is in white color but a  part of the area is in gray color , while the other marble quarry is in beige color and half of the area is  conglomerate in grey color. So, in one of the quarries ,we have white marble and grey marble, while in the other quarry, we have beige marble and conglomerate in grey color. 

We are looking for an investor company, which is a serious company with experience in the exploitation of marble quarries and in processing of marbles . This company should have capitals to invest in our quarries, or it should transfer its machinery to our quarries for cooperation. We have very large marble deposits, which are with high quality for export.

We do not have capitals or machinery to exploit our quarries . If you are interested , I invite you to inspect the marble quarries to see the quality and the quantity. Then, we can talk about the collaboration contract .

Also, if you are looking to buy marble blocks or tiles from my company in Albania and  if we will have a long term contract with your company then our  company will produce marble blocks for you up to 2000 m3 / month.

Also, if you have your plans to open an office in Albania for selling your products then i will help you in this business in my country. We assure you that our cooperation will be very sincere, meticulous and of mutual interest for both parties.

Thank you for your attention to this suggestion .We hope to have further contacts with you.

You will be very satisfied with the business in my country.

Best regards,

Shefki Hysa 

(Eng. Geologist and Owner of Company)


Tel. & WhatsApp:     00355 682026468

Tel & Fax:                   00355 4 2342252

Internet:         www.Kumega shpk 

E-mail:           shefkihysa@yahoo.com



Skype:            shefki661

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/shefki.hysa.9

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/shefki.hysa

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