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Telephone:+30-210 25 25 928
Contact Person :Constantin Baxevanakis
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  • Company:John Moschous SA
  • Country/Region:Greece
  • Province/State:Nea Ionia
  • Type:Quarry Owner, Factory, Exporter
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Establishment Date: 1893
  • WebSite:Supplier Website
  • Address: 131 Irakliou Street, Nea Ionia 14231 Greece
  • Fax No: +30-210 25 31 185
  • Telephone: +30-210 25 25 928
  • Contact Person: Constantin Baxevanakis
The Moschous family has estasblished a long and proud tradition in the marble trade that dates back to the end of the 19th century.
One of the oldest marble traders in Greece, from 1894 until 1939, we took part in and supplied marble for the first Pendelikon marble restoration of the Parthenon. We also participated in the construction of the Panathinaikon Stadium.
Known as the Kallimarmaron, meaning "beautifully marbled", it is the stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.
We have dealt with diligence, integrity and professionalism for four generations. Hard work and dedication to quality have always been the paramount factors that have established us and continue to define our practice in the 21st century.
Nearly all our production is globally exported due to its excellent international reputation.
We undertake large-scale projects around the world, supplying marble for the construction of hotels, offices, luxury estates, shrines and a variety of projects in India, China, the USA, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Brazil, Europe and elsewhere.
For Moschous, the year 2014 marks 120 years of marble extraction, processing and trading.
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