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SC Tytan Granit SRL


Company Profile
Company Name: SC Tytan Granit SRL
Business Type: Natural Stone
Main Product:

Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx

Country/Region: Romania
Addr: Bacau - Romania - Calea Romanului 39
Company Description
Welcome to the site of SC TYTAN GRANIT SRL. want to build, you want to renovate or just want to put in your creativity? Here's where you can buy exclusive material from marble , granite and travertine . Natural Resources and latest technologies have allowed us to come meet the market with a wide range of marble , granite and travertine . The company offers, in addition to these products, installation and reconditioning services work (stairs, pavements, crosses, etc) ... The objective of activity of our company is the cutting, machining, grinding, sanding and installation of marble and granite. With which collectively include 10 employees, our company offers transportation services, executing and achieving everything we ask about natural stone. Quality of our services is due to the collaboration made only companies specialized in natural stone installation and therefore quality is as. Having a production and execution of a large volume of papers and permanent stock of 5000 square meters of marble and granite, with a wide variety of colors, allow us to meet customer needs quickly with quality products our natural stone. works made with materials provided by our company, materials consisting of marble, granite, onyx, travertine or quartz will provide a elegant and comfortable environment. Cut marble and granite . Perform plating stairs, floors and window sills both in marble as well as from granite , tombstones and graves cladding, handrails and balusters of marble , vases and bowls, fireplaces, powdered marble and mosaic, and many other products. Hoping that demand We will be appropriate to expect, we are open to new collaborations and assure you of our reliability and timeliness. You will find a wide variety of materials in stock or made to order. values our expertise, timeliness and quality with their clients and partners respond to requests Our team of professionals is available with advice and experience in machining and assembly.

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