2022-06-29 23:13:09
Match Your Image Post Your Needs
How to improve the clicks of my products?

1) Upgrade your member level and period

1 Usually, diamond members' products are listed in front of the gold members’ and the free members’ products are listed behind the diamond members' and gold members’. The member period is same, two years’ gold members is listed in front of one year’s gold members.Besids, you can choose more Stonecontact promotion service to improve your exposure.

2) The order of the product

1 You can arrange your products importance ranking easily in Member center. We suggest you to put your most advantagest products in the first place, it means this product is most important, in this way, your advantage products will be listed in the font of the product list of our website and you will have more chance to get orders.

3) Products updating time

1 The latest products will be listed in front of the product list, so we suggest you to update your products at least once a week. We have provided you an easy way, you only need to choose your products and click "Republish Product" in member center.


4) The visiting times by the buyers

1 Regarding the products ranking, we also consider the respond of the buyers, if the product is visited many times by the buyers, we will think this product is very popular and this products will be listed in front of the product list. 


5) The completeness of your company info

1 It is an improtant factorthat influences company ranking.


1. Products Keywords.

Products keywords are used for the buyers searching your products by the keywords. We suggest you to put the stone name or by name as product keywords, in this way, the buyers will have better possibility to find your products. Meanwhile, the keywords also affect the visiting volume of your products by the search engine of Google, Yahoo etc.

2.    The importance of the products

The importance means that you should separate your main products from the non-main products in all of your products. We provide you the ranking list for your products, usually the most important and advantagest product will be listed firstly. Stonecontact will list your most important products prior to the other products according your products importance.


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