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  • Lucerna Gneiss

    Additional Names: Lucerna Stone...
    Lucerna Stone,Lucerna Gnaisse

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Green Miracema Gneiss

    Additional Names: Miracema Green Gneiss...
    Miracema Green Gneiss,Verde Miracema Gneiss

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • White Miracema Gneiss

    Additional Names: Branco Pedra Miracema...
    Branco Pedra Miracema,Branco Miracema Gnaisse

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Pink Miracema Gneiss

    Additional Names: Rosa Miracema Gneiss
    Rosa Miracema Gneiss

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Miracema Old Gold Gneiss

    Additional Names: Miracema Gold Gneiss
    Miracema Gold Gneiss

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Miracema Gold Gneiss

    Additional Names: Miracema Gneiss...
    Miracema Gneiss,Miracema Oro Gneiss,yellow Miracema Gneiss,Miracema Gnaisse

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Beola Argentata

    Additional Names: Beola Argentata Gneiss...
    Beola Argentata Gneiss,Beola Favalle Gneiss,Beola Grigia Fine Favalle,Gneiss Beola Argentata,Gneiss Argentata

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Bianca Rubella

    Additional Names: Beola Bianco Gneiss...
    Beola Bianco Gneiss,Bianco Beola Gneiss,Blanco Beola Gneiss,Beola Bianca Quartzite,Beola Bianca Granite,Bianca Rubella Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Bamboos Gray

    Additional Names: Beola Grigia Crevoladossola...
    Beola Grigia Crevoladossola,Beola Grigia dell'Ossola Gneiss,Beola Grigio Gneiss,Grigio Beola Gneiss,Beola Grigia Del Calvario Gneiss,Beola Grigio de Calvario,Beola Grigia Fine Gneiss,Beola Grigia Fine Favalle Gneiss,Beola Grigia Quartzite,Beola Grigia Granite,Bamboos Grey Gneiss,in China stone market:银芝麻(Yín zhīma)

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Serizzo Ollare Ossolana

    Additional Names: Beola Grigia Servezzo Gneiss...
    Beola Grigia Servezzo Gneiss,Serizzo Beola,Pietra Ollare,Beola Favalle Gneiss,Beola Grigia Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Verde Italia

    Additional Names: Verde Italia Gneiss...
    Verde Italia Gneiss,Verde Argento Aosta Gneiss,Granito Verde Aosta Monthey,Granito Verde Monthey,Monthey Gneiss,Verde Aosta Monthey Gneiss,Verde Monthey Granite,Quincinetto Gneiss,Verde Italia Granite,Verde Barthelemy Gneiss,Verde Barthelmy Granite,Verde Sasso Gneiss,Green Gold Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Beola Favalle

    Additional Names: Beola Argentea Favalle Gneiss...
    Beola Argentea Favalle Gneiss,Beola Favalle Gneiss,Beola Grigia Fine Favalle,Beola Favalle Granite,Beola Argentata

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Pietra Sempione

    Additional Names: Granitello del Sempione...
    Granitello del Sempione,Serizzo Sempione

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Alps Snow

    Additional Names: Beola Ghiandone Gneiss...
    Beola Ghiandone Gneiss,Ghiandone Beola,Ghiandona Beola Gneiss,Beola Ghiandonata Grande Fiore,Beola Ghiandonato Gneiss,Ghiandone Striata Gneiss,Ghiandone Zebrato Gneiss,Beola Ghiandonata Quartzite,Beola Ghiandonata Gneiss,Alps Snow Stone

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Riviera Gneiss

    Additional Names: Riviera Black Gneiss...
    Riviera Black Gneiss,Black Wooden Gneiss

    Brazil -- Gneiss

  • Rula Gneiss

    Slovakia -- Gneiss

  • Bianco Walser

    Additional Names: Serizzo Bianco Walser Gneiss...
    Serizzo Bianco Walser Gneiss,Bianco Walser Granite,Serizzo Formazza Gneiss

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Aqua Blue Gneiss

    Additional Names: Aqua Blue Quartzite
    Aqua Blue Quartzite

    United States -- Gneiss

  • Green Gold Gneiss

    Additional Names: Green Gold Valser Gneiss...
    Green Gold Valser Gneiss,Green Gold Granite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Biasca Gneiss

    Additional Names: Biasca Gneis...
    Biasca Gneis,Gneis Biasca,Biasca Granite,Gneiss Biasca

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Medgidia

    Additional Names: Gneiss Gri de Sardinia...
    Gneiss Gri de Sardinia,Medgidia Gneiss

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Verde de Creta Gneiss

    Additional Names: Verde Creta Gneiss...
    Verde Creta Gneiss,Kreta Poison Green Gneiss,Kreta Green Gneiss,Green Chalk Gneiss

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Auriu de Rodhos

    Additional Names: Rodhos Gneiss...
    Rodhos Gneiss,Rodhos Golden Yellow Gneiss,Gneiss Rodos,Rodos Golden Yellow Gneiss,Gneiss Rhodos,Auriu de Rodhos Gneiss,Auriu Gneiss,Gneiss Rodhos

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Targu Mures

    Additional Names: Targu Mures Gneiss...
    Targu Mures Gneiss,Ciprus Rusty-Brown Gneiss,Rust Cyprus Gneiss

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss Turda

    Additional Names: Turda Gneiss...
    Turda Gneiss,Turda Golden Beige,Turda Golden Silver Gneiss

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Bacau Gneiss

    Additional Names: Bacau Gneis...
    Bacau Gneis,Bacau Golden Silver Gneiss,Sicilia Golden Silver Gneiss,Gneiss Bacau

    Romania -- Gneiss

  • Passeier Silver Gneiss

    Additional Names: Passeirer Gneis Silver
    Passeirer Gneis Silver

    Italy -- Gneiss

  • Cresciano White Gneiss

    Additional Names: Cresciano Bianco...
    Cresciano Bianco,Cresciano Schweiz,Cresciano Gneiss

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Maggia Lince Gneiss

    Additional Names: Val Maggia Gneiss...
    Val Maggia Gneiss,Maggia Lince Quartzite

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Maggia Wild Gneiss

    Additional Names: Maggia Wild Quartzite...
    Maggia Wild Quartzite,Wild Magia Gneis,Maggia Wild Granit,Maggia Oscuro

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Blumaggia Gneiss

    Additional Names: Blumaggia Quartzite...
    Blumaggia Quartzite,Blumaggia Granit,Blue Maggia

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Maggia Vellutos Gneiss

    Additional Names: Maggia Granite...
    Maggia Granite,Maggia Vellutos Quartzite,Maggia Gneiss

    Switzerland -- Gneiss

  • Altamira Gneiss

    Additional Names: Altamera Granite...
    Altamera Granite,Altamira Granite,Altamira Gray Gneiss

    India -- Gneiss

  • Gneiss de St Yrieix

    Additional Names: Schist de Saint-Yrieix...
    Schist de Saint-Yrieix,Saint-Yrieix Gneiss,Gneiss St Yrieix,Schist Saint-Yrieix,Saint Yrieix Gneiss

    France -- Gneiss

  • Pont-Aven Gneiss

    Additional Names: Schist de Pont-Aven...
    Schist de Pont-Aven,Schist Pont-Aven

    France -- Gneiss

  • Saint Just Gneiss

    Additional Names: St Just Gneiss...
    St Just Gneiss,St. Just Schist,Schiste de Saint-Just,Schist De Saint Just,Schist De Saint-Just

    France -- Gneiss

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